How to Work With “IUP Only” Pages

IUP Only content includes pages or files that require IUP credentials to access. It is housed in Cascade CMS and available via the live site. 

In Cascade, any folder that is named iup-only will trigger the login. The url will also include iup-only, as it is based on the folder structure in the CMS. 

Each site has a top-level iup-only folder, and some have iup-only subfolders. In most cases, content or files can be housed in the top level iup-only folder. If you need an iup-only folder added to your site, you can add one by using the “+Add Content” > Folder > Blank Folder and naming it iup-only. 

Be careful not to add too many folders, as it will make management harder (and the urls are determined by the folder structure).