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Student Testimonials

  • Hear what IUP Communications Media students have to say about our program.

    Aislinn AiminoWhat first attracted me to the Communications Media Department at IUP were the wonderful things I heard from alumni. They told me they were able to “work with professional-grade equipment” and “left feeling confident in the new skills learned.” I have had many opportunities to use this same equipment and gain knowledge and skills. My freshman year I joined a student-run television show, Sketch-O-Phrenia , and now I am the show’s executive producer. I am also assistant station manager and promotions director of IUP-TV. Along with valuable classes such as Advanced Video, Media Field Studies, and Scriptwriting, I now have the building blocks and confidence to pursue a successful career in video production and screenplay writing.
    Aislinn Aimino

    Kiana McLeodThe decision to make Communications Media my major at IUP was one of the most positive things I’ve done in my four years in Indiana. The wide range of courses and faculty with experience in professional media got me very interested in the many things I could do in event and production management. This led to me working with The Entertainment Network as contemporary music chair, utilizing problem-solving and project management skills I’ve gained from my major. Later, I did an internship with a large midwest event production company, PromoWest Productions. Now, I plan to complete an internship with Flyspace Productions, which handles some of Pittsburgh’s major festivals and community events. I can’t thank Communications Media enough for all of the opportunities that have stemmed from their program.
    Kiana McLeod

    Arionna SardonDuring my time as a student of Communications Media at IUP, I have had the privilege of working closely with readily available professors who not only taught me how things are done, but also why. This led me to develop my skills in leadership, creativity, and public speaking. I continue to work on all of these skills and more as the station manager for IUP-TV.  The importance of oral and written communication, managing diverse groups, and leadership are apparent more now than ever. The Communications Media Department isn’t simply about course work, but also about creating well-rounded graduates and professionals. Thanks to devoted and experienced faculty, I am well prepared to my future.
    Arionna Sardon

    Cody ParksAs I prepare for a job in public relations, the Communications Media program at IUP improved my knowledge of the media production process. I am now more familiar with a wide range of roles like storyboarding, video and audio recording, lighting, and “finishing” on advanced editing software. Starting my freshman year, I had the privilege of working with IUP-TV on multiple shows, shot in the studio and on location. With professors who are willing to help with anything, quality hands-on experience with different aspects of the field, and collaboration with numerous groups, I have self-confidence in my pursuit of a career in public relations.
    Cody Parks

    Cody LeitzelThe Communications Media Department and IUP community have been a learning environment, but more profoundly, a home to me for the last two years. My classes such as TV Production, Basic Audio Recording, and Scriptwriting have helped my overall understanding of media. My involvement with IUP-TV and WIUP-FM have allowed me to mature as a professional. As head writer for a show on IUP-TV and traffic manager for WIUP-FM, I appreciate of the chances I’ve had. Plus, the members of these groups have become like family. Communications Media at IUP has prepared my mindset for success. I attribute this to my ability to think critically and maintain a 4.0 GPA. I believe this will help me for the rest of my time at IUP and long after graduation.
    Cory Leitzel

    Malusi KitchenCommunications Media at IUP has helped me immensely with my love of sports media and radio. I have worked with WIUP-FM for four years as a host and play-by-play announcer for IUP sports. The experience gave me a chance to network with highly skilled and experienced professionals in the field. The faculty of the department have been instrumental in getting me to expand my talents in different areas. With that, I became a staff writer for the Penn , IUP’s student newspaper, covering sporting events. I am grateful for my time in Communications Media and have a greater appreciation for the skills and education I gained at this higher level.
    Malusi Kitchen

    Hayley BushAs a freshman and student worker in the Communications Media office, I find myself off to a great start at IUP. By working closely with the faculty and staff of the department, I am more aware of the various clubs and events within the department which will provide opportunities for me to grow professionally. Even though I’ve been a part of this program for less than one year, I have already had real, hands-on experience with organizations such as the Center for Media Production and Research, doing live sports productions. The knowledge and skills I have already obtained as a student worker make me excited for what’s to come in my collegiate and professional career.
    Hayley Bush

    Katlin HimmelAt IUP, the Communications Media department has exceeded my expectations for a college program. The faculty and staff inspired me to think beyond the classroom put me in a position to learn and experience things I didn’t know were possible while at IUP. With hard work and time, I became the program director for WIUP-FM. I was also privileged to serve as president of our chapter of National Broadcasting Society for two years. Plus, my experience with the Center for Media Production and Research, completing promotional videos for real clients, has been most valued. I am so proud of my work with Communications Media and appreciate that I have a meaningful résumé before I graduate.
    Katlin N. Himmel

    Josh HillStudying Communications Media at IUP exposed me to many areas of live sports production, both in and out of the classroom. The classroom setting laid a foundation, teaching me the basic skills I needed as student in production. Outside of the classroom, the Center for Media Production and Research (CMPR) and IUP-TV afforded me the platform to practice my passion and prepare for future endeavors. Serving as the student play-by-play broadcaster for IUP football and basketball productions gave me an experience I might not have been afforded elsewhere and allowed me to expand my professional network. Hosting a sports television show further honed my abilities as an on-air personality, as well as many other capacities in the studio. Thanks to the wise and willing faculty and staff, I have grown exponentially these past years and feel I have what I need to succeed in today’s competitive market.
    Josh Hill (pictured on the left)

    Louisa SandersDuring my time at IUP, I’ve been able to expand my personal and professional skills, thanks to the Communication Media program. I’ve always been in love with photography, and the professor-student ratio in the classes was a huge part of my decision to choose IUP because I get to work closely with the instructors. Students are not in class all day listening to lectures. We are out in the field and in studios taking pictures and talking to prospective clients. Because of this department, I learned of a photography competition held by Photographer’s Forum Magazine. I was a finalist in 2015 and had my photo published in their annual book. I also secured a job with IUP’s director of photo services, Keith Boyer. Working alongside Mr. Boyer has enhanced what I learned in from my coursework and has given me the confidence I feel I need to be productive in a career.
    Louisa Sanders

    Marimar MelendezWhen I took one of my first classes in Communications Media, Aesthetics and Theory, I was informed by the professor that after completing the course, my viewpoint would be forever changed when viewing media. It was the absolute truth and ultimately helped me to decide that film production is the career path I want to pursue. Access to the Adobe Creative software, Cubase, studio equipment, and field production gear are only part of what I love so much about the department. This has not only benefited my educational experience, but also made me feel more confident walking into my internship this summer. The combination of what I have learned in Communications Media alongside the experience I will gain in my internship will likely set me up for a future with endless opportunities.
    Marimar Melendez

    Madeline WilliamsIUP’s Communications Media Department has opened my eyes to numerous possibilities in the world of media.  Coming into the program, I thought I would be required to follow a strict curriculum relating to my focus which is television and film. However, after taking the initial basic courses, I was able to explore several areas like photography and graphics, which enriched my abilities in television and film. My development in television and film incorporates multiple aspects of media, including television studio work, scriptwriting, and field camera work. All of this has helped me to brand myself as a marketable professional. I encourage all students to take advantage of the various opportunities in the Communications Media Department.
    Madeline R. Williams