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Maybe you know what you want to major in. Maybe you're exploring your options. Either way, we respect where you are in the process and have resources ready to help you jump in and move forward. Choose a major you're excited about. Add academic opportunities like research, study abroad, professional conferences, and internships. Get a head start on graduate school while you're still in college to shorten your total time for both degrees or get help with career prep.

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Find Your Major

You have so many outstanding majors, minors, and certificate programs to choose from here—we're known for giving you lots of options. Check them out with our helpful search tools.

Help with Exploring Majors

Choosing a major is personal. We understand you may want to explore what's available and learn more about your options. Through our University College, you can learn more about majors that interest you with help from advisors.


You'll Be a Little Amazed by Your Professors

These super-smart experts in their fields are friendly teachers. See them during their office hours for help with an assignment, suggestions for internships, and advice about careers.

Academic Support When You Need It

Having trouble with a difficult subject? We can help you find a tutor. Looking for help with editing a paper you're writing? The Writing Center can help. You can also check out the University College or get individualized help by talking to your professors or your advisor.

Internships, Research, and Studying Abroad

You are entering an exciting four years, where you'll have access to fantastic opportunities. Talk to your professors and your advisor about them. Take advantage of internships, research and conferences, or studying abroad, and enrich your education with experiences that stand out.

Career Preparation

Learn about career fairs and prepare for your professional life after college. The Career and Professional Development Center can help you with resumes, job searches, and more.

Early Admission to Graduate School

Get a head start on graduate school while you're still in college to shorten your total time for both degrees. Make your senior year do double-duty and save money on your education.