Supporting You as a Student

Student studying under a tree in the Oak Grove You're starting college. Maybe you're a little nervous about the harder classes and how you will do.

We understand, and we're ready to help. We have systems in place you can turn to—like tutoring, the Writing Center, and the University College.

Talk to your advisor about which classes you should take. See your professors in their office hours to get help when you need it or to discuss opportunities like doing research and presenting it at the Scholars Forum.

You may also want to live in a Living Learning Community in the residence halls. You'll be living near students with similar majors, making it easy to form study groups and discuss assignments.

Study, don't miss classes, and get help when you need it. Make the most of the opportunities that are available to support you as a student. Seek out opportunities—both for support and for experiences that help you stand out, like a challenging internship. Your determination will take you far.

Helping You Explore Majors

What's your major? It's OK if you don't know yet. We understand and respect the journey you're on. That's why we created the University College. It's designed to give you specialized advising and the chance to explore different majors. Check out the resources available there.

Academic Exploration is for Everyone

Be academically curious. Even if you know exactly what you want to major in. There is so much you can learn from other subject areas. So many ways you can take what you learn in different areas and apply it. That's one of the big advantages of taking your liberal studies courses. They give you the chance to explore academic areas outside your major and strengthen the knowledge base you build your future on.