Teaching Circle Facilitator Guidelines

The selection of a facilitator is one of the most important decisions in setting up a successful Teaching Circle. The individual who accepts this role should take care of meeting logistics, including setting the next meeting day, time, and place; sending out reminders at least one day ahead and reminding the members of the focus of the meeting; and sending reports at the end of the year to the appropriate co-director(s).

Another important role for a member is to act as a moderator or discussion leader. This is someone who will tactfully keep the meeting on task, but who will allow each person in the group to participate in the discussion.

Once these two are identified, divide up other tasks that may be needed to keep the group functioning, such as someone to find literature or other resources the group needs and someone to take notes of the teaching circle meeting to help when the group's final report is submitted.

Teaching Circle Facilitator Guidelines 2021-22