Join or Start a Teaching Circle

Select a group that plans to study, experiment with or implement some issue or technique to which you can personally and professionally commit. If no group currently exists, float your topic and see if there are others who would like to join you in exploration and reflection!

Cross-Disciplinary Teaching Circle Example: You are having difficulty getting good discussions going in your classes. You might find three other people from a variety of disciplines who teach a range of class sizes that have a similar interest in improving the content, duration, and outcomes of class discussion.

Department Teaching Circle Example: You are distressed that over the past two years in your sections of the introductory course for majors only about half of the students are passing the course. In talking to other instructors of this multi-section class, you find that two of them are experiencing the same thing while the third instructor has only given handful of Fs in the past two years. So, what should you do about this? Together you may find new approaches to ensure student success in this course.

Procedure For Establishing A Teaching Circle 2021–22

Step 1: Register your Teaching Circle

  • Use the link above to register your Teaching Circle

  • Teaching Circles must register each academic year (whether it is an existing TC or new TC)

  • Facilitators should review the Reflective Practice Teaching Circle Facilitator Guidelines

  • After reviewing the guidelines, the facilitator will use the link above to register!

Step 2: Enroll members

  • After registering your Teaching Circle, you may enroll members using the Teaching Circle Member Enrollment link you receive with your email confirmation.
  • Facilitators should share this link with all members to enroll, including the facilitator.

A Few Notes…

New members can be added to Teaching Circles throughout the academic year. Facilitators will need to remember to send them the Teaching Circle Member Enrollment Link so they can officially join.

Separate Enrollment For Each Teaching Circle: Colleagues who would like to participate in more than one Teaching Circle will need to enroll separately for each.

Member Limits: Facilitators may limit the number of members in their Teaching Circle. Once the Teaching Circle has filled, they should send a message to those colleagues who are interested in joining but who cannot be accommodated at this time.

  • Colleagues who are attending meetings but for whom the facilitator did not receive an automated email message of their enrollment should remind members to officially register for the Teaching Circle.
  • A university-wide message with the list of registered Teaching Circles and facilitator information will be sent out periodically so interested colleagues can contact facilitators about joining. This list will also be posted on the Center for Teaching Excellence website and will be updated as additional Teaching Circles register.
  • Teaching Circles can apply for a CTE Mini-Grant for up to $500. Although Teaching Circles can be established at any time during the academic year, to be eligible to apply for a Mini-Grant they must be registered before the mini-grant deadline.

For more information or if there are changes to the name of a Teaching Circle or facilitator status, please contact the Center for Teaching Excellence at

Start A New Teaching Circle This Year

Procedure to Establish Teaching Circles 2021-22

Teaching Circle Facilitator Guidelines 2021-22