On Saturday, November 9, 2013, Dr. Ryan Padgett from Northern Kentucky University presented this Center for Teaching Excellence Workshop. His presentation was titled “Together for Good: Collaborating In and Out of the Classroom.”

Dr. Padgett, a dynamic and energetic presenter, kicked off a university-wide discussion on November 8 about High Impact Practices (HIPs): the ten best practices in-and out-of-the-classroom that have been shown to be highly beneficial to the success of college students. He remained on campus to present our Reflective Practice Saturday Workshop on November 9.

Dr. Padgett will addressed three of the HIPs specifically mentioned as topics of interest in our Reflective Practice planning survey: Collaborative assignments and projects, involving undergraduates in activities to enhance scholarly engagement, and development of faculty-student creative/research projects. He will discussed both the “why” and the “how” of these practices and offered effective strategies that could be incorporated into our courses.

Additional information on High Impact Practices can be found on the Association of American Colleges and Universities website.

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The Matryoshka Principle: Digging Deeper into High-Impact Practices to Support Students