Opportunities for Continued Conversation and Continued Professional Development for Former IUP Education Students:

This website is provided so that former IUP Education students will be able to communicate to the College of Education and Communications about issues concerning their undergraduate and graduate preparation, as well as their continued professional development.

Summer Workshops

IUP's College of Education and Communications is offering one-week, on-campus workshops and online courses for teachers during Summer Sessions.

Distance Learning and Continuing Education

Certification Programs Leading to Certification

Continuing Education Courses at IUP and Online

Graduate Programs

Graduate Programs Leading to Certification

Graduate School

Professional Development

PATTAN - Pennsylvania Training and Technical Assistance Network

IUP Faculty Professional Development School Demonstrations

IUP Cooperating Teacher Workshops (offered each semester)

Comments, Suggestions, or Requests for Professional Development

Please contact IUP Teacher Education at IUP-TeacherEducation@iup.edu to comment on your undergraduate or graduate preparation and/or request to speak to an instructor or request a professional development topic or activity.