If you are interested in being a cooperating teacher, please talk to your building principal to indicate your interest.

IUP requires that a cooperating teacher have a minimum of three years of teaching experience and at least one year in the current assignment. Bear in mind that some districts allow only one student teacher per cooperating teacher per year and that a district may have its own rules regarding the assignment of student teachers. Issues such as building renovation or construction, adoption of a new textbook series, or a new curriculum initiative may influence a district's decision to accept student teachers for a semester, or to request a “semester off” from the assignment of IUP student teachers.

IUP compensates cooperating teachers in accordance with annual directives from the State System of Higher Education. Cooperating teachers are asked to fill out an honorarium form as early in the semester as possible, so that payment can be made in a timely fashion at the end of the semester.

The Office of Educator Preparation works with a large number of partner school districts in placing teacher candidates for a semester-long student teaching experience. Each district designates the individual with whom we should work to request and confirm placements in the district. We make written request for the placements that are needed a semester in advance of the student teaching. Then, our district contacts work with building principals to make assignments.