All Teacher Education programs are guided by the Three-Step Process.

Each Teacher Education program is coordinated by a faculty member in that discipline. Assistance with specific questions regarding individual programs is available by contacting program coordinators.

All Teacher Education majors need to be aware of specific course requirements during their first 48 credits, as well as which courses are available to them only upon approved entry to Step One.

Advisors also need to be aware that Step Two of the Three-Step Process must be successfully completed prior to student teaching. This includes completion of all Methods courses, major courses, and liberal studies required science courses with a minimum grade of C. Additional departmental requirements may also apply.

All necessary clearances and insurances are listed on the Three-Step Process handout provided to students. Links for obtaining applications or additional information about those clearances are listed below for easy access.

Additional information can be obtained for Act 34, 151, and 114 at the PDE website. Information about required liability insurance can be obtained on the PSEA website. More information about other requirements can be obtained in the For Current Students section of the PSE website.