Do you need help with a research project?

A number of resources are available to guide you through all stages of your research:

PI Handbook

PDF Handbook for Principal Investigators at IUP.


IUP's platform for routing external funding applications


IUP's platform for many forms, sign ups, and funding applications

Funding Your Research

Find internal and external funding opportunities, as well as funding for student research.

Conducting Responsible Research

Topics cover compliance policies and regulatory issues, including:

Managing Your Research Project

For a comprehensive guide to managing sponsored projects at IUP, download the Project Investigator Handbook. Here you can learn about fiscal management of awards, grant-funded alternate workload equivalents (AWE), hiring project personnel, travel procedures, agreements, letters of understanding, and more.

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IUP Research Institute

The IUP Research Institute aids university community members when an external grant or contract is planned, proposed, submitted, or awarded.

Applied Research Lab

The Applied Research Lab offers researchers technical assistance from use of statistical software to data collection and analysis.

Student Research

While many of the same research guidelines apply to students, there are additional policies, forms, and resources specific to student research.

Information About F&A

Find information about IUP's Facilities and Administrative (F&A) rates and policies.

PASSHE Research and Sponsored Projects

Resources for PASSHE funding and comprehensive technology transfer and commercialization information.

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