Following is an alphabetical list of policies, procedures, and other resources associated with the research process:

Academic Integrity Policy and Procedures
Centers and Institutes Policy, Guidelines, and Procedures
Advantages of and guidelines for creating a center or institute at IUP
Policy: Copyright Policy
Approved at the 11/05/2013 University Senate meeting.
Export Control
Federal laws prohibit the unlicensed export of certain commodities or information for reasons of national security or protection of trade.
Federal Regulations
The university and the Research Institute follow the federal cost principles when developing proposal budgets, rates, and price estimates.
F&A Distribution
Formula for the distribution of facilities and administrative (F&A) fees
Institutional Review Board (IRB) for the Protection of Human Subjects
The regulatory body of IUP that reviews research involving human participants
Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) Guidelines
All research and teaching involving the use of vertebrate animals must be reviewed and approved by the IACUC prior to the procurement or use of the animals.
International Travel Procedure
This procedure is applicable to all university-sponsored international travel.
NSF Implementation of Responsible Conduct of Research
Training information for students who will participate in NSF-funded projects
Policy: Compensation Policy for Sponsored Activities
The compensation policy for sponsored activities for PASSHE universities, issued January 5, 2018.
Policy: Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) in University Research
Provides a framework to promote objectivity in research by establishing standards to ensure that the design, conduct or reporting of research will not be biased by any conflicting financial interests of an investigator.
Policy: Indirect Policy
Policy for implementing facilities and administrative (F&A) fees.
Policy: Policy for the Classification of Gifts, Grants, and Contracts
This policy clarifies the roles of offices in the solicitation and administration of gifts and grants that originate from private corporations and foundations.
Policy: Policy for the Preparation and Training of Students Working with Human and/or Animal Subjects
This policy requires all IUP students engaged in human and/or animal subject studies to successfully complete prescribed training on the ethical treatment of human and/or animal subjects, as appropriate for their field of endeavor, prior to initiation of their activities. For access to this training, please visit the IUP CITI webpage.
Policy: Policy for Responding to Allegations of Research Misconduct
Policy to respond to any allegations or apparent instances of fraud or misconduct in the carrying out of research by IUP faculty, managers, administrators, staff, and students.
Policy: Eligibility to Serve as a Principal Investigator on Externally Funded Grant or Contract Projects
This policy describes the qualifications required for a person to serve as a PI on externally funded grant or contract projects.
Policy: Policy for the Oversight of Research Involving Human Subjects
This policy is for the oversight of human subjects research conducted by IUP faculty, managers, administrators, staff, students, and other researchers formally affiliated with the university.
Policy: Supplemental Workload
This policy defines the amount of total compensation that may be paid to employees for supplemental work.
Policy: Time and Effort Certification Policy
Mandated by federal, state and PASSHE, this policy is applicable to individuals whose annual base salary is paid, in full or in part, with organized research or sponsored funds.
Principal Investigator (PI) Handbook
The PI Handbook provides a guide for the management of sponsored projects at IUP.
Procedure for Review and Approval of Agreements at IUP
Procedure for any IUP unit that wishes to enter into an agreement with an outside entity.
Online Research Ethics Training
IUP offers online training for faculty, staff, and students through the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI).
State Ethics Commission1
State Ethics Commission Statement of Financial Interests form must be completed by all project directors.
Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property
Technology transfer and commercialization services are offered for faculty, students, and staff of the university.
Working With Industry
Guidelines for private industry-university partnerships.