Managing grant and contract awards for research projects can be confusing. The following information is designed to help:

Procedure for Review and Approval of Agreements at IUP

Guidelines for any IUP unit that wishes to enter into an agreement with an entity or individual outside of IUP.

Research Grants While On Sabbatical

Two key considerations for grant-funded faculty researchers going on sabbatical.

Business Procedures for Faculty Releases Funded from Sponsored Activities

Here are background information and internal procedures to follow when faculty wages are paid by external funding agencies.

Fiscal Management of Awards

The three possible scenarios for housing a project are discussed in detail.

Fiscal Management Flowchart

See a flowchart that details fiscal management of the award both for faculty and staff and for students.

External and Internal Awards Expensed through IUP Research Institute

The Research Institute assists members of the IUP community when an external grant or contract is planned, proposed, submitted, or awarded.

Biology professor Jeffery Larkin and his students study warblers in the field

External and Internal Awards Expensed through IUP

The Office of Grant and Special Fund Accounting helps to ensure the proper management of grant and contract funds received.

Miscellaneous Services

List of IUP offices that provide services for workshops and meetings

Institutional Resources

A list of administrative offices and the services they provide to project directors