The Institutional Review Board for the Protection of the Human Subjects is the regulatory body of IUP that is responsible for the review of research that involves human participants. The purpose of IRBs nationally is to protect participants in research as well as to protect researchers conducting research involving human participants.

The information below is designed to provide a comprehensive set of resources for investigators, so that they can conduct the best possible research that meets their academic goals while safeguarding the well-being of the people who participate in their work.

Feel free to use the contact information provided to find more information or clarification. You should also feel free to provide feedback about the usefulness of this web page. The IRB at IUP is engaged in ongoing efforts to collaborate with investigators to enhance the responsiveness of IRB educational and consultative efforts.


IRBManager is IUP's new electronic submission, routing, approval, and record-keeping tool for the Institutional Review Board. This system retains the same questions from the original paper forms, but presents them in an easy to use and easy to track electronic system.

For further details, tutorials, frequently asked questions, or to log in, visit our IRBManager page.

For additional information, contact the IRB by e-mail at

IRB Guidelines

Guidelines and documents for the Institutional Review Board Protection of Human Subjects process are provided.

Narrated Overview of the IRB Process

This narrated PowerPoint presentation gives an overview of IUP's IRB process and helps researchers prepare a protocol for IRB review.

Model Protocols and Consent Forms

Sample protocols to be used as reference materials for investigators

Classroom Research

Guidelines are provided for classroom research/student research projects.

Gift Cards as Research Incentives

Gift cards may be used as research incentives but must be approved by the IRB. There are several guidelines to purchase gift cards if using IUP funds.

IRB Training

Find information about required, free online research ethics training, the National Institutes of Health’s free course on human protection in research, and video reports on various components of the IRB.

Who Serves on the IRB?

Members of IUP’s Institutional Review Board for the Protection of Human Subjects in Research

IRB Meeting Dates and Protocol Submission Deadlines for Projects Requiring Full Board Review

The dates for protocols requiring full board review are listed. Protocols that meet the criteria for exempt or expedited review may be submitted at any time. Exempt and expedited protocols will be initially reviewed and contact will be made with investigators typically within two weeks of the submission date.

Related Sites

Here is a list of additional websites with IRB information.