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Palmer, Brown, and Salaway Co-author Article on University-Community Collaboration

Kalani Palmer, Sarah Brown, and Jen Salaway, from Professional Studies in Education, along with colleagues Tricia Shelton, Tom Yeager, and Elisa Spadafora, co-authored an article describing lessons learned from a federally funded university-community collaboration.

Nahar and Machado Conduct Roundtable on Virtual Science Laboratories

Lizoon Nahar and Crystal Machado conducted a roundtable on VSL at the Society of Information Technology and Teacher Education conference.

Machado and Fu Present Paper on Teaching with and for Creativity

Crystal Machado, Department of Professional Studies in Education, and Curriculum and Instruction doctoral program graduate Yao Fu, University of Wisconsin, presented a coauthored paper at the Society of Information Technology and Teacher Education conference in San Diego in April 2022. The paper is titled "Using the PICRAT and Four C Model to Teach With and For Creativity."

Ankrum and Colleagues Present on Metacognition and Literacy Instruction

Julie Ankrum and colleagues presented a paper on metacognition and literacy instruction at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association.

Ankrum and Colleague Publish Article on Disability Studies in Education

Julie Ankrum and a colleague published an article in the Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy.

Nahar and Mahmood present on Use of Virtual Science Laboratories in Secondary Education in Bangladesh

Doctoral candidates Lizoon Nahar and Farheen Mahmood presented a poster on virtual science labs in secondary education in Bangladesh at the Society of Information Technology and Teacher Education (SITE) conference.

Hassan Presents on Use of Educational Vlogging to Enhance Learning and Teaching

Ragia H. Hassan, doctoral candidate of Curriculum and Instruction, presented a research poster on using educational vlogging to enhance learning and teaching outcomes at the Society of Information Technology and Teacher Education.

Hassan Presents Roundtable on Augmented Reality and Reading Comprehension Disabilities

Ragia H. Hassan, doctoral candidate of Curriculum and Instruction, presented a roundtable on using augmented reality for students with reading comprehension disabilities at the Society of Information Technology and Teacher Education.

Machado and Seifert Author Paper on Engaging Teachers in Intercultural Dialogue

Crystal Machado and Tami Seifert presented a coauthored paper, "Using Flipgrid to Engage American Preservice and Israeli Inservice Teachers in Intercultural Dialogue," at the Society of Information Technology and Teacher Education conference.

Radwan and Machado Present on Preservice Teachers’ Use of VoiceThread

At the Society of Information Technology and Teacher Education conference, doctoral candidate Asmaa Radwan and Professor Crystal Machado copresented a paper on using VoiceThread to develop preservice teachers’ ability to learn, design, and facilitate an asynchronous presentation.

C&I Doctoral Student Hassan Publishes Chapter on Education of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students in Qatar

Ragia H. Hassan, doctoral student of Curriculum and Instruction's book chapter titled "Education of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students in Qatar: Challenges and Opportunities” was published in Abdulnaser Fakhro’s book “Disability” published by the College of Education at Qatar University. 

Creating a Positive Online Reputation: Steps to Career Success Workshop

This workshop, presented on Zoom, will provide students with practical tips for professional, successful, and effective online engagement.

Kalani Secures CCAMPIS Program Renewal at IUP

IUP has received $605,244 from the Department of Education to continue the program for the next four years (2021 through 2025).

Julie Ankrum Interviewed on Educational Podcast

Julie Ankrum co-wrote a chapter in the recent book, “Principles of Effective Literacy Instruction,” to describe the types of knowledge needed to develop teacher expertise. She discusses the chapter, “Teachers as Lifelong Learners,” with co-author, Aimee Morewood, in Jake Down’s “Teaching Literacy” podcast.

Nahar, Curriculum and Instruction Doctoral Student, Receives Peace Scholarship.

Lizoon Nahar, a doctoral student of Curriculum and Instruction, has been awarded a Philanthropic Educational Organization International Peace Scholarship of $12,000 for the academic year 2021–22.

Machado and Nahar present on use of Social Media and Web-based Technology to Empower Science Teachers and Students

Crystal Machado and Lizoon Nahar coauthored a chapter on using social media and web based technology to empower science teachers and students at the International Council of Professors of Educational Leadership.

Machado and Seifert Author Chapter on Enhancing Teachers' Technology and Cross-cultural Competence

Crystal Machado and Tami Seifert presented a coauthored paper, "Using Flipgrid and Facebook to Enhance Pre-Service and Inservice Teachers’ Technology and Cross-cultural Competence," at the International Association for Intercultural Education.

ALS Doctoral Student Interviewed by Association of Student Conduct Administration

Sarah Shupp, an ALS doctoral student, was interviewed for a podcast by the Association of Student Conduct Administration.

Ankrum Publishes on Complex Texts or Leveled Readers

An article written by Julie Ankrum (Department of Professional Studies in Education) was recently published in the Early Childhood Education Journal. “Complex Texts or Leveled Readers for the Primary Grades? Yes and Yes!” describes the current debate about the use of leveled readers during literacy instruction. 

ALS Student Roman-Buday Successfully Defends Dissertation

Milagros “Millie” Roman-Buday, a doctoral student in the Administration and Leadership Studies program, successfully defended her doctoral research study on February 17, 2021.

Machado and Burick Author Chapter on Sophomore Slump

Crystal Machado co-authored a paper, “Working together to understand and mitigate the effects of the sophomore slump: Implications of a phenomenological study,” published in the book “Exploring the Opportunities and Challenges of College Students.”

Sibert and Kerchenske Publish on Article Turf Considerations

Susan Sibert, professor, and Kenneth Kerchenske, a local high school principal, have published on considerations of using article turf on athletic playing fields.

Laverick, Paquette, and Sibert Publish on Virtual Reality in Literacy

Three faculty colleagues, professors in the Department of Professional Studies in Education, published on the use of virtual reality as a strategy to aid in comprehension lessons in Reading Improvement, a publication for reading professionals.

Ankrum and Colleagues Presented with Award at (Virtual) Literacy Conference

Julie Ankrum and a team of colleagues to were awarded the Area 3 Best Paper Award at the seventieth annual Conference of the Literacy Research Association. The presentation, titled “Adaptive Teaching Observation Protocol (ATOP): Examining Expert Teachers of Literacy Instruction,” was presented at the virtual conference on December 3, 2020.

Faculty, Staff, and Students Hear Presentation on Protecting Yourself from Phishing and Other Online Threats

Students who are mindful in their online sharing and searching enhance their privacy, income, social opportunities, and employment prospects. The faculty, staff, and students listed below engaged students in a panel presentation titled “Digital Citizenship What Successful Students Know” on October 27,