Crystal Machado, professor in the Department of Professional Studies in Education, and Ragia Hassan, a Curriculum and Instruction doctoral candidate, presented a paper titled Using Poetic Inquiry to Describe International Doctoral-Students’ Pandemic Experiences as Online Learners, Educators, and Mothers: Connected or Dis/connected? at the 34th International Conference of the Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education (SITE) on March 14, 2023.


Juggling doctoral coursework online, teaching, and parenting during a pandemic is very challenging. These challenges are magnified when learners are living in different time zones, with limited connectivity and limited access to resources. Parenting children via the internet and teaching hybrid courses for the first time, without adequate training, presents additional challenges. The found poems, crafted from interview data, that we present will answer the following research question: How did technology facilitate and challenge international doctoral students’ roles as learners, educators, and mothers during the pandemic? Our findings have implications for institutions that are committed to creating inclusive spaces for multiple minoritized doctoral students. Qualitative researchers who are interested in exploring poetic approaches to data representation will also find this session beneficial.

Professional Studies in Education