Lizoon Nahar, a doctoral student of Curriculum and Instruction, was awarded a Philanthropic Educational Organization International Peace Scholarship of $12,000 for the 2022–23 academic year.

This award recognizes Nahar's contribution as a researcher, participation in IUP student associations, community outreach, and involvement in leading a high school science project since 2019 in Bangladesh. She was nominated for this award by her professors, Julie Ankrum and Daniel Wissinger, Professional Studies in Education.

The PEO is committed to fostering peace by supporting the education of women from outside the United States and Canada. Many international female graduate scholars who cannot focus on their research or studies due to financial hardship while living with their families abroad can, with support from PEO, retain their focus on education. International students must demonstrate strong leadership in their home countries to avail of this scholarship. For additional information, please visit PEO International.