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Exploring New Horizons: Generative Artificial Intelligence and Teacher Education

Chapter Title: “Toward a Conceptual Generative AI Ethical Framework in Teacher Education”

The Department of Professional Studies in Education is thrilled to announce the publication of an essential chapter by Asmaa Radwan and Jacqueline McGinty in the field of generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) and teacher education. The chapter, "Towards a Conceptual Generative AI Ethical Framework in Teacher Education," delves into the transformative potential of GenAI in education, highlighting its capabilities to enhance teaching and learning experiences.

However, the deployment of GenAI in educational settings is not without its challenges. The chapter meticulously examines the spectrum of ethical, legal, and social dilemmas that arise with the integration of GenAI technologies, such as issues related to bias and fairness, privacy and data security, accountability and responsibility, transparency and explainability, and equity and accessibility. It highlights the critical need for a robust ethical framework tailored specifically for GenAI applications in teacher education.

The proposed GenAI Ethical Framework in Teacher Education outlines foundational principles to guide educators, policymakers, and developers in the ethical integration of GenAI technologies. This includes ensuring transparency and accountability, safeguarding privacy and data security, fostering culturally sensitive and inclusive content, promoting community-centered design, enhancing transparent data and algorithmic literacy, and emphasizing pedagogically centered design.

By embracing these principles, the educational community can navigate the complexities of GenAI, ensuring its deployment enhances rather than undermines the educational experience.

This chapter not only contributes significantly to the academic discourse on the ethical considerations of GenAI in education but also serves as a practical guide for implementing these technologies responsibly in teacher education programs.

We invite educators, students, and professionals interested in the intersection of AI, ethics, and education to explore this work. It promises to inspire meaningful discussions and innovative approaches to integrating GenAI into educational practices, all while upholding the highest ethical standards.