Videos: The University Museum at IUP

For over 40 years the University Museum at IUP has curated exhibitions in the museum on the first floor of Sutton Hall, in small galleries across campus, and in collaboration with community partners. Here are videos from the University Museum featuring past and present exhibits.

Ned Wert: A Retrospective

University Museum, January 26-March 20, 2021

In this video, join featured artist Ned Wert on a virtual tour of his exhibition while he talks about his life and art.

Dr. Kabala's Cabinet of Wonders: Highlights from a Collection

University Museum, February 11-March 6, 2020

Exhibition coordinator Bill Double describes the eclectic, personal collection of Irene Kabala, professor of art history at IUP. The art and artifacts on display in the spring of 2020 represented nearly 1,000 years of cultural and art history.

The MFA Thesis Exhibition 2020

University Museum and Kipp Gallery, March 31-April 25, 2020

The MFA Thesis Exhibition celebrates the final stages of graduate degree work and feature a wide variety of styles and media. Due to the COVID-19 closure of campus buildings in spring 2020, Exhibition coordinator Bill Double gives a glimpse of the works by David Kiefer, Alessandra Cupani, Tyler Stanton, and Azadeh Jahangirijoozani.

University Museum Collection Vol. 1

University Museum, October 1-November 20, 2020

In this video, Bill Double, Rhonda Yeager, and Donna Cashdollar provide a video tour of a small selection of over 4,000 pieces from the University Museum's Permanent Collection.