The University Museum is located in John Sutton Hall, a beautifully restored and nationally registered historic landmark built in 1875.

Thoughts in Transport, plaster, wood, by Kyle MilneThe mission of the museum is to bring the material history and arts of the region together in an environment that encourages exploration, dialogue, and enjoyment. This mandate is based on the belief that art and history are unbounded and essential to our understanding of who we were, who we are, and who we want to be.

The University Museum is dedicated to providing leadership in the development of quality collections, exhibitions, and educational and public programs that challenge how we see ourselves and the social and natural world in which we live. The museum exists within the larger context of the College of Arts and Humanities and the Lively Arts at IUP, which promote a culturally diverse world of art through presentations, studios, and classrooms.

To achieve these goals, the museum annually mounts a series of original exhibitions, related cultural events, and educational activities designed to appeal to the university and the local and regional community that it serves. These shows generally concentrate on contemporary and historic fine and folk art and material history. Special multi- and inter-disciplinary exhibits explore the rich historic and contemporary cultural heritage of the region. Rotating displays from the museum's permanent collection and exhibits of student work from the graduate program in fine arts and design at IUP round out the programming schedule.

The University Museum is essential to the university and to the community. It is a natural extension of the educational and cultural enrichment that IUP brings to Indiana County and provides unique opportunities to explore the art and cultural history of the region.