Crinoid, or sea lily, is not a plant but actually a sea creature of the late Mesozoic period The University Museum is a program administered by the College of Arts and Humanities and guided by a volunteer board of directors.

Officers and Executive Committee

  • James Rickard, Multi-disciplinary Artist, Art Educator, and Model, Vice President, Exhibitions Committee Chairperson
  • Curtis Scheib, Dean of the College of Arts and Humanities, Treasurer
  • Laura Jones, IUP Admissions Outreach, Engagement and Events Committee Chairperson, Nominations Committee Chairperson
  • Megan Pritts, Graphic Designer

Committee Chairpersons

  • Rhonda Yeager, Art Educator, Collections Committee Chairperson, Education and Outreach Committee Chairperson
  • Hannah Harley, Creative Spaces Collective Executive Director, community arts organizer
  • Laura Krulikowski, IUP Libraries, Orendorff Music Library, Publicity Committee Chairperson


  • Tony DiMauro, IUP Art and Design Department Chairperson
  • Elaine Palmer, Educator (retired)
  • Cathy Patterson, Art Educator (retired)
  • Shari Trinkley
  • William Woodcock, Community Member
  • Bobbie Zapor, IUP Libraries
  • Elizabeth Wheeler

Student Representatives

  • Iris Kauffman, Undergraduate Student Representative

Ex-Officio Members

  • Betsy Lauber, Foundation for IUP

Board Member Emeritus

  • Donna Cashdollar, Graphic Designer (retired)
  • Myron Tomb, Attorney
  • Bill Double, Educator (retired)

Exhibitions Coordinator

  • James Rickard

Collection Curator and Manager

  • Rhonda Yeager