Frequently Asked Questions about IUP Libraries

How do I find a book about?

If you are searching for a book on a particular topic, connect with a Reference Librarian. They will be able to help you search through the library collections to find you what you need.

How do I get journals?

The easiest way is to contact a librarian for assistance—you can visit the reference desk on the first floor of Stapleton Library, or Ask a Librarian. Once you have the journal information, your journal can be found on the ground floor of the library. The Serials Desk on the ground floor of Stapleton Library can also provide assistance if needed.

Can I print without my I-Card?

You will need your I-Card in order to use the printers. If you have forgotten your I-Card or are a community patron, check the vending machine near the library entrance. Vending cards are available for $5, which will have $5 to use toward copying or purchasing vending items.

Is there a color printer in the library?

Yes, it is located on the first floor of Stapleton Library, near the Reference Collection. When printing from library computers, be sure to select the appropriate color printer.

Is there a lost and found in the library?

The lost and found is located at the Circulation Desk. Describe to the student at the desk what you’ve lost, and they will check to see if it has been returned.

How do I get a private carrel on the second or third floor?

Private Carrels are for doctoral students for individual study, and IUP faculty/staff/administrators working on dissertations. You can apply for a private carrel at any time by submitting a Locked Carrel Application Form.

How do I get a public carrel on the second floor?

Public carrels are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

How can I apply for a student worker position in the Library?

Please visit Hire a Hawk to initiate your employment opportunities.

What is the best alternative to getting my book if the library owns it, but it is checked out or I can't find it?

If the book is checked out, missing, or lost, the system will allow you to order it through PALCI, which can be found on the Library home page. The book will be here in three to five days.

If you cannot find a book that you need, fill out a "Book Search Form," or ask for a supervisor to help you look. If it is not found, "Missing" will be put in the record, which will allow you to order the book through PALCI. If it is not available through PALCI, you will be prompted to pursue ordering the book through our Interlibrary Loan system. If this is your first time using Interlibrary Loan, you will be prompted to create an account first.