Policies and Processes

I-Card and Community Library Card Information

A current I-Card or Community Library Card is always required to check out library materials.

  • If you are a student, faculty, staff, or administrator and have just received your I-Card, it will take one business day for your university data to be automatically updated in our library system, enabling access to library services.
  • If you have a Community Library Card, make sure to speak to a supervisor at the Circulation Desk to have your cared registered in our library systems.
  • The I-Card office in the HUB is located at 319 Pratt Drive. Hours may vary from one semester to another. For current hours and other information, please contact the I-Card Office at 724-357-1314, or by email to icard-assistance@iup.edu.

Borrowing Privileges

  • IUP Students, faculty, staff, and administrators have access to all circulating books, electronic books, videos, CDs, and audio books.
  • Community Library Users (with a Community Library Card) have access to all circulating books, videos, CDs, and audio books

Book Limits

  • Community patrons may have a total of 25 books checked out at one time.
  • Undergraduate students may have a total of 50 books checked out at one time.
  • Graduate students and employees (faculty, staff, and administrators) may have a total of 100 books checked out at one time.

Loan Periods

  • A patron must present a university identification card (I-Card) or Community Library Card in order to borrow library books or materials.
  • Undergraduate students and community patrons have a 30-day lending period.
  • Graduate students and employees: faculty, staff, and administrators have a 90-day lending period.

Renewals for Library Books

  • Community patrons get two renewals.
  • Students: undergraduates and graduate students get two renewals.
  • Employees: faculty, staff, and administrators get three renewals.
  • When your checked out items are nearing their renewal date, the system will automatically renew the item for you.
  • Once your maximum number of renewals (two for undergraduates, graduates, and community members; three for faculty, staff, and administrators) is reached, you will be required to return the materials.

Damaged Library Materials

Damaged books are reviewed on an as-needed basis. You may be responsible for rebinding, or replacement and processing costs.

Standards of Patron Behavior

While we do our best to make your library experience a good one, sometimes situations arise that cause tension between our desk attendant and the patron. We ask that all parties maintain a calm composure and be civil in their interaction with each otherworker and patron. Foul language and threats of any kind will not be tolerated.

Please review the IUP Libraries Conduct Policy for more information.

Overdue, Fine, and Fee Notices

We do charge fines and fees for overdue items. Notices are sent via email to our patrons to remind them to return items; the schedule of notices is described below.

  • A notice is sent one day before the book is due (patrons have a five-day grace period before they acquire charged fines at 35 cents a day per item).
  • A second notice is sent when the book is 5 days overdue.
  • A third notice is sent when the book is 10 days overdue.
  • Once a book is 15 days overdue, a notice will be sent to the borrower, and fees will be transferred to the Office of Student Billing. At this point, the patron will be charged a $75 replacement fee and a $25 processing fee.
  • It is your responsibility to monitor your account to keep things up to date. Follow the instructions on your book marker to access your library patron account.

If you think you returned the book and have received a fine or fee in error, please contact the Circulation Desk and we will work with you to address the issue.