Fall 2014-Spring 2015

Dr. David H. Pistole
Director, Liberal Studies
Stabley Library, Room 103
Ext. 7-5715, dpistole@iup.edu

Dr. Mark Correia Dean (2015)
College of Health and Human Services
Zink Hall, Room 216
Ext. 7-2555, Mark.Correia@iup.edu

Dr. Yaw Asamoah, Dean (2016)
College of Humanities and Social Sciences
McElhaney Hall, Room 201
Ext. 7-5764, osebo@iup.edu

Dr. Melanie Hildebrandt (2016)
Sociology Department
McElhaney Hall, Room 112F
Ext. 7-7635, melanieh@iup.edu

Dr. Frederick Slack (2017)
Management Department
Eberly College, Room 308C
Ext. 7-2535, fslack@iup.edu

Dr. Robert Sweeny (2017)
Art Department
Sprowls 115
Ext. 7-2530, bob.sweeny@iup.edu

Dr. Megan Knoch (2017)
Biology Department
Weyandt 114
Ext. 7-2352, Megan.Knoch@iup.edu

Dr. David Doverspike (2016)
Professional Studies in Education
Davis 305
Ext. 7-2400, David.Doverspike@iup.edu

Dr. Robert Kostelnik (2016)
Human Development and Environmental Studies
Zink 236
Ext. 7-7645, Robert.Kostelnik@iup.edu