IUP offers online undergraduate- and graduate-level courses that can be accessed digitally at any time of day or night.

As active participants in the learning process, students communicate online with professors and classmates. Because distance courses maintain the same high standards as those conducted in the classroom, academic success requires self-discipline and the ability to learn without face-to-face interaction.

Online Undergraduate Degree Programs

Depending on course availability, it might require more than four years to complete your undergraduate bachelor's degree. Online course availability will vary from semester to semester and could be offered in the fall, spring, summer, and/or winter sessions. Students should consult their academic department to determine the best path forward to degree completion.

How to Apply for Online Courses

  • Students already enrolled at IUP should use MyIUP to register for online courses.
  • Non-IUP undergraduate students must complete a non-degree application for every term they’d like to attend IUP. Graduate students should submit the online graduate application.
  • Students who are currently enrolled at another Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education university should complete a Visiting Student Form.


IUP students register for distance education courses through MyIUP, just as they register for any other course. Non-IUP students must register through the Office of Admissions by completing the online application. Once your application is received, we will make every effort to enroll you in your course(s). Once enrolled, you will receive registration confirmation and, shortly thereafter, a bill from the Student Billing Office for tuition and fees (which includes a deadline for payment).

Follow this link for Registration Instructions. Please read on for other specifics.

Two to Three Weeks Prior to the Beginning of the Course

  1. Be sure your computer meets minimum technical specifications.

  2. Order textbooks: Books for the online courses are available at the IUP Co-op Store. When you log in to your MyIUP account, you will see what textbooks are required for the courses you are taking. Call the IUP Co-op Store at 800-537-7916 if you need further assistance.

  3. Set up your IUP email account.

  4. Obtain software, etc. listed in the description of your course.

  5. Update your mailing address.

  6. Familiarize yourself with the learning management system to be used in your course Desire2Learn. If you do not see your course, contact your instructor to check on the course status.

Student Responsibility to Have an IUP Email Account and Log in to MyIUP

When you receive notification that your application and registration have been approved, you will also receive instructions for accessing your IUP email account. IUP uses email as an official form of communication with its students. Please use this account to communicate with your professor and to receive official communications from IUP. Check your IUP email account regularly!

The MyIUP website is where you will find your IUP email, your registration information, your final grade, and much more.

Basic Abilities

Students should have the following basic abilities to participate in online courses:

  • to use a mouse (double-click, block, drag, and drop), keyboard, or similar device to manipulate online content
  • to use a web browser, such as Firefox or Chrome
  • to send, receive, and reply to email
  • to navigate the internet
  • to download and install plug-ins and required software

Hardware and Software Requirements

You will want to ensure that you have the necessary hardware and software to participate in your online course. IUP has established the following hardware recommendations for students participating in online courses. Additionally, students will want to purchase an office productivity suite; Microsoft Office is recommended.

Some courses may require additional hardware and software. For example, some courses have video files to be viewed using Media Player, which requires additional hardware.

University Proctored Exam Arrangements

If you live more than 50 miles from the main campus and your instructor requires a proctored exam, you must make the arrangements. It is your responsibility to recommend someone who fits the criteria and provide the contact information to the instructor of your course. A proctor cannot be a member of your family or household. Please note that the university cannot pay for proctor service. 

Access Grades

Students obtain grades electronically at IUP. You will not receive your grades in the mail but will access them via the web on the Academics page in MyIUP.

Dropping/Withdrawing from a Course

IUP Students

Current IUP students can drop a course during the Drop/Add period or withdraw from a course before the withdrawal deadline date through MyIUP. After the Drop/Add period, regular IUP students must follow the procedures for a withdrawal. For details on the Individual Course Withdrawal Policy, please see the Registrar's website. For information on refunds, please see the Student Billing website. Failure to notify IUP will result in continued billing, the complete loss of tuition and fees paid, and an "F" grade.

Non-IUP Students

To drop a course (before the drop deadline date), non-IUP students must contact the Office of Admissions via email at visiting-student@iup.edu and include their Banner ID number that begins with the @ symbol and the course(s) they wish to have dropped from their schedule. Non-IUP students who need to withdraw should contact the Office of the Registrar at registrars-office@iup.edu or 724-357-2217. Depending on the date you withdraw from a course, certain fees will still apply. Failure to notify IUP will result in continued billing, the complete loss of tuition and fees paid, and an "F" grade.

Note to All Distance Education Students

Non-payment of fees and/or non-participation in your course does not constitute a withdrawal from the course.