Training Programs

The Criminal Justice Training Center (CJTC)is part of the Criminology Department in the College of Health and Human Services at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. It is dedicated to training in areas relative to the criminal justice system. Programs offered include the Municipal Police Academy as well as mandatory and non-mandatory in-service training.

This training can only be offered through a school certified by the Municipal Police Officers' Education and Training Commission (MPOETC) in Hershey. Certified schools must meet the standards established by MPOETC regarding the curriculum, school policies, instructor certification, and even school environment. Learn more aboutMPOETC.

Program Fees

Fees for the Act 120, Act 180, Act 235, and non-mandatory in-service training programs at CJTC.

Act 120: Municipal Police Academy

The center offers full-time and part-time Act 120 programs, required programs for employment as a police officer in Pennsylvania.

Act 180: Mandatory In-Service

Information for mandatory in-service training for Pennsylvania municipal police officers

Act 67: School Security Personnel Basic Training

The School Security Personnel Basic Training Course is a non-degree certificate program offered through the IUP Criminal Justice Training Center. This program is specifically designed to satisfy the requirements for the PA Act 67 of 2019. Successful completion of this program will certify the graduate to work in Pennsylvania schools only, in the following roles: School Police Officer, School Resource Officer, and School Security Officer.

Non-Mandatory In-Service Training

Police departments may apply through a certified school for a grant from the Municipal Police Officers' Education and Training Commission to sponsor an in-service training program.