Courses in Criminal Justice Training

22-201 Legal Update (required course)

Three-hour course

A required three-hour course highlighting pertinent court decisions and significant pieces of legislation passed after July 1, 2020, that affect police operations and investigations. Lessons will address changes and updates to the Pennsylvania Crimes Code, Vehicle Code, and Rules of Criminal Procedures as well as decisions from Pennsylvania's Commonwealth, Superior, and Supreme courts, various federal courts, and the United States Supreme Court. A final segment of the course will focus on topics such as the issue of excessive charging by police officers and the different jurisdiction and authority of the various law enforcement agencies and officers throughout the Commonwealth.

22-301 Use of Force (required course)

Two and one-half-hour course

A required two and one-half-hour course that will review legal concepts and issues that impact the use of force and use of deadly force in law enforcement today. The course will cover modern decision-making concerns in the areas of de-escalation, harm reduction techniques, the duty to intervene, and liability issues. Use of Force 22-301 is a pre-requisite course. It must be completed and passed before taking Control Tactics 22-302 (a practical application).

22-302 Control Tactics (required course)

Three and one-half-hour course

A required three and one-half-hour course that will provide practical use of force application. Officers will physically interact with instructors. After a short review of concepts learned in Use of Force, there will be a review of universal principles regarding body positioning and reactionary gap concepts. There will be a review and application of single and two-person handcuffing techniques, as well as a practical demonstration of simple control techniques for standing and grounded passive resistant subjects. Control Tactics 22-302 can only be taken after completing and passing Use of Force 22-301. Control Tactics is a participation course. Officers will participate to the level of their ability.

22-601 Understanding Bias (required course)

Three-hour course

A required three-hour course that will focus on helping police officers recognize and understand how bias, specifically implicit bias, can affect interactions with diverse citizens and the communities they serve. Along with incorporating Procedural Justice (PJ) principles and the Critical Decision-Making Model (CDM), officers will continue to build self-awareness and develop strategies to overcome bias.