24-201 Legal Update (required)

A three-hour course highlighting pertinent court decisions and significant pieces of legislation that affect police operations and investigations. Lessons will address changes and updates to the Pennsylvania Crimes Code, Vehicle Code, and Rules of Criminal Procedures as well as decisions from Pennsylvania’s Commonwealth, Superior, and Supreme courts; various federal courts; and the United States Supreme Court. A final segment of the course will focus on topics such as the issue of excessive charging by police officers and the different jurisdictions and authorities of the various law enforcement agencies and officers throughout the Commonwealth. The course will also take a thorough look at issues officers have faced that either helped or hindered court decisions and the outcomes concerning such decisions.

24-301 Suicide by Cop (TBD)

A three-hour course specifically focused on the phenomenon of suicidal individuals who choose to end their lives by confronting a law enforcement officer. The course will define suicide by cop, identify risk factors and warning signs, and discuss intervention techniques, tactical communication, de-escalation techniques, and best practices to increase the chances of a successful and safe outcome. The course will also assist officers in recognizing and recovering from the trauma in the aftermath of such an encounter, as well as providing recourses for officers to maintain their health and wellness. 

24-601 Community Relationships (TBD)

A three-hour course focused on the importance of building and maintaining trusted relationships with the communities police officers serve and protect. The course will review how to strengthen awareness regarding cultural diversity, competency, and sensitivity within various communities; and to recognize trauma's impact on members of the community and the importance of applying a trauma-informed approach. The course will conclude by highlighting strategies that officers can implement when working with their community members. 

24-602 Law Enforcement Ethics (TBD)

A three-hour course exploring the issues of modern-day ethics in law enforcement and discussing what, if any, changes have occurred throughout the history of policing in Pennsylvania. The course will examine how hiring standards influence ethical police officers and what impact that has on Pennsylvania law enforcement. The course will also suggest ideas that can assist officers in remaining ethically sound throughout their careers.