Frequently asked questions about the Criminal Justice Training Center.

Can I arrange a payment plan for the tuition?

Yes. If you choose a payment plan, a fee may be added to your account.

Is the police academy approved for financial aid and veterans' benefits?


Do you offer job placement?

We do not have a formal job placement service; but, many police departments notify the CJTC when they are hiring, and the information is posted and transmitted electronically to all academies. Cadet contact lists are maintained beyond graduation and new job listings are sent on a regular basis. Recruiting officers from various police agencies visit all academy classes. Occasionally police department entrance tests are given during academy training.

Will I be able to get a job out of state with Pennsylvania Act 120 training?

Yes, providing the state in question has reciprocity. In most cases, the required course work for certification in another state would be courses relating to state laws (such as vehicle codes and crimes codes).

What is the employment rate for graduates of the program?

Employment rates are difficult to calculate. However, position openings are numerous throughout Pennsylvania and across the country. Police recruiters are constantly visiting the CJTC. Graduates report a high rate of success in securing full-time employment.

Do you have a waiting list for enrollment?

No. Because of the number of programs we offer at satellite locations, we are able to enroll our applicants in a timely fashion after they have made application to the program.

Do you have a good reputation in the field?

Yes, most definitely. Our outstanding reputation has been developed by word of mouth. Our cadets and those who are affiliated with us are quick to tell others of their positive and rewarding experiences with the program. Also, the CJTC is the only municipal police training center in Pennsylvania that is CALEA accredited, the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies.

Will military police experience result in any waiver of the required hours?

Yes. Visit the MPOETC website for more information. The specific legislation to reference when viewing the MPOETC website is Act 165.

For what other jobs will Act 120 qualify me?

Act 120 is necessary for any municipal police job or county detective position (with the county district attorney's office). However, many other occupations prefer that you have this training. Some of those professions are the Attorney General's office, campus police, parks and recreation, game commission, forestry department, and fish and boat commission.

Is acceptance into the program made on a first-come, first-served basis?

No. Not all applicants are accepted. We carefully screen each applicant to ensure he or she meets our requirements and those of MPOETC. Applicant acceptance is based on the evaluation scores and the documents in the application packet.

Is the academy like boot camp?

No. We expect every cadet to act in a professional manner. We expect every person to maintain a high level of self-discipline. We do not permit inappropriate behavior in the classroom at any time. Cadets are considered IUP students and are subject to university regulations as well as the academy rules and regulations.

Are there females in the courses?

In an average class, approximately two to three are female. 

Is the $30 application fee refundable?


Am I allowed to use my own gun for firing range activities?

No. All cadets must use the center's firearms.

Do you wear uniforms at the academy?

Yes. Cadets wear navy pants, a beige or navy academy shirt, black socks, black belt, and black tactical boots. Uniforms are purchased through the vendor Fasttimes. Tactical boots are purchased individually by cadets. 

For what length of time is the training good?

The academy training is valid for up to 24 months.

May I take the Act 180 (In-Service) updates?

Only if you are a currently employed municipal police officer or approved by MPOETC.

Are housing and meal plans available for the full-time police academy students at the campus?

Yes, housing and meal plans are available through IUP for an additional fee. Once a student is accepted, the information will be provided to the cadet by the CJTC.

Is there a maximum age limit for someone applying to the academy?

There is no age limit.

How long is the academy training?

The full-time academy is 22 weeks in length. The part-time academy is 49 weeks in duration.

What are the fitness requirements?

The fitness requirements are established by MPOETC. See the MPOETC website.