In Attendance: Balint, Blood, Brzycki, Chiarulli, Conbere,Janosko,Kornfeld,McElroy, McFerron, Mocek, O'Neil, Onyett, Pagnucci, Pankaj, Sherwood, D. Smith, J. Smith, Van Wieren, Yost, Yuhas.

Excused: Asamoah,Dadson, Giever, Lenze,McDevitt,Reed.

Absent: Branthoover,Woodland.

Guests: Cunningham, Defelice.


Approval of Minutes

February 17, 2010 Meeting

Minutes approved as posted on the ACPAC website.

March 17, 2010 Meeting

Minutes approved as posted on the ACPAC website.

Co-chairs Report:

Financial Report

Rick McFerron reported that the current balance in SAP is $26,357.16.


There are currently two vacancies for faculty representatives on ACPAC from the College of Fine Arts and the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. Current ACPAC members should contact the co-chairs if unable to serve on ACPAC in the next academic year. Robin Defelice was welcomed as a guest to the meeting. Robin is a graduate student serving as the PATH Coordinator in the Student Success Center.


Meeting dates for the next academic year have been set and will be placed on the ACPAC website. The meetings will continue to be on Wednesdayat 3:00. The datesare:

15 September 2010
13 October 2010
10 November 2010
8 December 2010
19 January 2011
16 February 2011
16 March 2011
20 April 2011

The Recap conference at Westchester will be held 13-14 May 2010.

JB Smith was recognized for his two years of service at ACPAC faculty co-chair.

Standing Reports:

Report from the CIO office (Balint)

Bill offered thanks to ACPAC for the continuing work on faculty-related IT issues. Information about IT projects will be provided during the discussion planned for later in the meeting.

Report from Funds Review Subcommittee (McFerron)

The Funds Review Subcommittee submitted a report and recommendations that suggestsfunding for projects in four of the colleges and for one inter-disciplinary project. It is recommended that some funds be reserved for proposals for next year. ACPAC has received assurances that those funds will rollover. Other sources of funding can be used to purchase hardware and software, but funds in the ACPAC cost center can be used for things such as travel and professional development.

The following motion was passed:

ACPAC accepts the report from the Funds Review Action Team and approves the recommended distribution of funds for the ACPAC Technological Exploration and Innovation Fund. The administrative co-chair is directed to disburse these funds. (motion: Onyett;second: McElroy).

Report from the Virtual Environments Coordinating Committee (Lenze)

No report.

Report from the Web Advisory Board(Pagnucci)

Gian distributed a written report from the board meeting. Web traffic is up 133%. IUP now has 8500 connections in Facebook. The issue of what links are on the IUP homepage was discussed.

Report from Student Computing Subcommittee (McDevitt)

No report.

Report from the On-line Learning Subcommittee (Brzycki)

Dolores distributed the Moodle Project List. ACPAC will get an update on this project list for each meeting. Another document was distributed that summarizes the WebCT-to-Moodle transition. Of the approximately 500 WebCT users, 190 are not active in Moodle. Of these, all but 58 have responded in some fashion about future Moodle use. These remaining faculty members will be contacted by telephone or other means. An Accessibility Update was provided and discussed.

Report from the Emerging Technologies Subcommittee (Onyett)

No report.

Report from the Student Operations Group (Pankaj)

Pankaj reported that a Banner upgrade will be conducted this summer. A product called ID Finder has been employed to check for sensitive data (e.g. Social Security numbers) on office shares. In conjunction with this effort, best practices and guidelines will be made available. Discussions are underway to use Banner for noncredit student registrations. Two outstanding projects of interest are Degree Works and the Luminus Portal.

Report from the DE Planning and Work Group (Brzycki)

A set of recommendations and goals will be issued by this group by the end of the academic year. There is an outstanding request to have a link to "IUP Online" available on the IUP homepage.

Reports from the Action Teams:

Training/Professional Development Team -- Pagnucci/Smith, Conveners

Two recommendations were made by this action team. First, faculty members need an academic toolkit. By way of example, a web editor could be included in that tool kit. The following motion was passed:

ACPAC recommends that TOT provide suggestions for the creation of a "faculty toolkit" that would be made available to all faculty members.

The second recommendation was to create a clearinghouse for all IT-related training. Ken Sherwood suggested that a group be convened to discuss this issue. Included in the groupwouldbe JB Smith,Gian Pagnucci, a CTM, and representatives from the web team and the APSCUF Professional Development Committee. JB Smith will convene this group.

Student Pictures Team -- Smith, Convener

A pilot of this system will be conducted sometime during the fall semester.

Optical Test Scoring Team -- McElroy, Convener

A written report from the team was distributed. The report included a recommendation to purchase hardware and software to support the new testscoring service. The following motion was passed:

ACPAC accepts the report from the Optical Test Scoring Team which includes a recommendation to purchase two optical scanners, Remarksoftware, and 2 PCs to support the new testscoring service. Funding to be provided by IT Services.

Digital Repository Team -- Sherwood, Convener

No report.

E-mail ClientEvaluation Team -- Onyett, Co-convener

Todd Cunningham reported that the new I-mail interface will be rolled out soon. For two weeks, the default will be the old interface. After that, the default will be the new interface. While both will be available after that, the old interface will no longer be available after July. It is anticipated that the adoption of the new interface will not be difficult.

The team is still working on a replacement for Outlook Express. It is also researching calendar products.

New Business:

Proposed changes to the Bylaws

Rick McFerron explained proposed changes to the ACPAC Constitution and Bylaws. The current Bylaws are available here: bylaws. The proposed changes are highlighted in this copy of the bylaws:changes to bylaws. The changes are:

  • in Membership, specify that at least one CTM must be an Assistant Dean of Technology
  • in Membership, change the Coordinator for Administration to the Coordinator for IRT from the CIO office
  • specify that the Administrative Co-chair would be an Assistant Dean of Technology
  • strikereferences to the last meeting of the year being in May

According to the Bylaws, these changes must be distributed at least one month prior to a vote on the change. That would allow ACPAC to vote formally on these changes at the nextmeeting. These changes would allow Lloyd Onyett to serve as the Administrative Co-chair.

The following motion was passed:

ACPAC agrees to the spirit of the changes to the ACPAC Constitution and Bylaws and endorses Lloyd Onyett to serve as the Administrative Co-chair.

Election of Co-chair

Nate McElroy was elected as the Faculty Co-chair by paper ballot.

Ranking of IT Services Projects

A list of IT Services projects was circulated to ACPAC members via e-mail. Members were asked to rank these projects. After extensive discussion, it was clear that there were a number of different types of projects that could not necessarily be ranked all on one list. Putting aside the projects that are in progress, the other projects have differing impact on IT resources.

It was suggested that the new ACPAC leadership work with IT Services to issue an updated list reflecting this discussion and considering the average ranking of projects by ACPAC members. ACPAC will have an opportunity to review these projects at the first meeting of fall.

Old Business:

Other Business:

The meeting was adjourned at 5:27 PM.

Next Meeting: September 15, 2010


Prepared by Rick McFerron.