In Attendance: Balint, Blood, Branthoover, Brzycki,Giever, Janosko,McDevitt, McElroy, McFerron, Mocek, Onyett, Pagnucci, Pankaj, Papakie,Sherwood, J. Smith, Woodland, Yost, Yuhas.

Excused: Asamoah, Chiarulli, Kemp, Kornfeld, Lenze,O'Neil. D.Smith.

Absent: Dadson, Gillham,Van Wieren, Reed.

Guests: Cunningham, McCreary (for Kemp).


Approval of Minutes

October 14, 2009 Meeting

For the October minutes, the report from OLC was amended to add this sentence: "OLC will develop a process for the evaluation and implementation of contributed modules for Moodle." Minutes were approved with this change.

Co-chairs Report:

Financial Report

Rick McFerron reported that the current balance in SAP is $26,899.04. There is a possible rollover from 08-09 of $1,846.30.


No changes in membership. Patrick McCreary was welcomed to the meeting today representing Richard Kemp.


On the occasion of Veteran's Day, 2009, Patrick McCreary and Lloyd Onyett were recognized for their service.

The second pilot of the Winter Session (on-line courses) begins 28 Dec 09 and ends 15 Jan 2010. There are currently 75 courses available and enrollments are over 1,000.

Standing Reports:

Report from Student Computing Subcommittee (McDevitt)

This subcommittee continues to analyze the survey of students and is reviewing the technology civility poster.

Report from the On-line Learning Subcommittee (Brzycki)

A report from the subcommittee was distributed. An advanced Moodle workshop is under consideration.

Four new modules for Banner are being reviewed by the Sungard Review Oversight Committee (SROC). One of the modules being reviewed is the Luminus Portal, suitable for adaptation to IUP constituents (faculty, staff, students, including on-line students). The following motion was approved by ACPAC:

ACPAC endorses the concept of a portal and single sign-on and encourages full consideration for the university to acquire the Luminus Portal product. (motion: Branthoover; second: Pagnucci).

Todd Cunningham will convey this recommendation to SROC.

There were questions and discussion about access to on-line library services. This will be communicated to Ed Zimmerman and Phil Zorich.

Rick McFerron will investigate makinga portion of the ACPAC website available to the public. Currently, the ACPAC website requiresIUP authentication.

Report from the Emerging Technologies Subcommittee (Onyett)

No report.

Report from the Student Operations Group (Pankaj)

The upgrade to Banner was successful. Due to large demand and heavy traffic, there wasa one-day problem with the system during housing registration. Measures will be taken to assure that this situation does not occur in the future. FSA Atlas is being implemented to assist the administrative processes of the Office of International Education. The Student Record Authorization process was discussed. Additional information will beprovided to ACPAC.

Report from the DE Planning and Work Group (Brzycki)

This work group is meeting every 2 weeks and discussing and addressing various issues related to distance education. A vision statement is being developed and a strategic planning process is being discussed. Dr. Tim Mack, Dean of the School of Graduate Studies and Research made a presentation to the group. He has proposed several ideas to facilitate the development of additional on-line graduate programs.

Report from the CIO office (Balint)

A document was provided that summarizes the IT Services project management process. Bill recommended that ACPAC be involved in setting priorities for ACPAC projects prior to them being ranked by the Deans' Council in the fall. Approximately 75% of the projects ranked by the deans are from ACPAC. This suggestion was discussed and the following motion was passed:

During the spring of the year (March/April), ACPAC members will be provided an electronic list of ACPAC projects for the next academic year that can be informally ranked by each member. At the May meeting, ACPAC will formally rank the projects. In September, the project rankings will be confirmed. (motion: Sherwood; second: Pagnucci).

The project to convert all courses from WebCT to Moodle was discussed. There is a need to monitor the level of engagement with Moodle by faculty members. Approximately 215 faculty members have shown some activity in Moodle. There are 39 faculty members working in Moodle who have not used WebCT. A total of 516 faculty members have done something in WebCT. WebCT will no longer be available after June 30, 2010. There is some risk that a large number of faculty members will be seeking assistance from IT Services after the spring semester. Limited resources preclude the ability to provideassistance to a large number of faculty members in a limited time period.

An ad-hoc committee was formed to monitor this situation. Dolores Brzycki will be assisted by Janet Blood and Lynnan Mocek in communicating with faculty about the Moodle conversion.IT Services will providea list of faculty members who have not begun the conversion to Moodle. At that point, an effort will be made tocommunicate with these faculty members.

Report from Funds Review Subcommittee (McFerron)

No report. A meeting will be called before the end of the semester.

Report from the Virtual Environments Coordinating Committee (Onyett)

A draft of the VECC Bylaws was distributed (and sent via e-mail prior to the meeting). In essence, the Virtual Environments Coordinating Committee is requesting that they become formally affiliated with ACPAC. The bylaws were thoroughly discussed and the following changes were suggested:

  • The statement "All IUP policies apply to virtual environments" be included in the bylaws.
  • The VECC membership be modified to specify a member of the Technology Operations Team (TOT) or a College Technology Manager.

The following motion was passed:

ACPAC approves the adoption of the draft bylaws for the Virtual Environments Coordinating Committee with the changes specified by ACPAC. (motion: Giever; second: Pagnucci).

Report from the Web Advisory Board(Pagnucci)

A goal planning session has been scheduled for 16 Dec 09 from 1:30 until 3:00 in Delany Hall, G-5. This will give the IUP community an opportunity to assist in developing goals for the web team. Additional CMS training is being offered during the month of November.

Reports from the Action Teams:

Training/Professional Development Team -- Pagnucci/Smith, Conveners

No report.

Student Pictures Team -- Smith, Convener

The Student Government Association, the Residence Hall Association, and the Graduate Student Assembly were contacted to solicit feedback about the use of student pictures for instructional purposes. There was no resistance expressed, but there was an interest in allowing students to opt out of the process. The ACPAC co-chairs will communicate with the Provost encouraging him to request from President's Cabinetthat this project proceed.

Optical Test Scoring Team -- McElroy, Convener

Nate McElroy provided notes from the 9 Nov 09 meeting of this action team. Working with the IT Support Center, this action team will continue to investigate replacement software and hardware for test scoring and other optical scanning (such as surveys and faculty evaluations). Input from faculty members using the current system is encouraged. Nate will welcome this input and share it with the action team.

Digital Repository Team -- Sherwood, Convener

The team will meet again to make a final decision. It is expected that a recommendation will be presented at the next ACPAC meeting.

SRS Team -- McFerron, Convener

The infrastructure is in place to support "I-Click"-- the IUP implementation of student response system software and hardware. Workshops are being offered and assistance is available from IT Services.

With these measures in place, it was requestedthat the action teambe disbanded. ACPAC approved this request.

E-mail ClientEvaluation Team -- Onyett, Co-convener

Two e-mail clients (both web-based)are being piloting. The team will continue with this work until a recommendation can be formulated.

New Business:

Status of 2 recommendations from OLC

IT Services provided a document that addressed Moodle-related recommendations from ACPAC. See the document for specifics, but a summary follows:

  • Moodle use for non-instructional purposes will be facilitated. Academic advising is another consideration.
  • Moodle can be used for instruction outside of formal courses. Collaboration tools will continue to be investigated.
  • Use of Moodle by external users will be accomplished by working with Human Resources who will enter records into Banner.
  • Internal e-mail for Moodle will be considered as a new project.

Old Business:

Office 2010

Deferred to next meeting.

Web-based faculty employment application

Request has been forward to Human Resources.

Web-based faculty advising of students

This issue may be resolved if the Banner Degree Works module is acquired.

Student Portal

ACPAC has endorsed the acquisition of the Luminus Portal.

Follow up: On-line Music Service

Deferred to next meeting.

Other Business:

Ken Sherwood and Gian Pagnucci shared a report that provides preliminary observations regarding a review of documentation available from the IT Support Center Website (

The meeting was adjourned at 5:25 PM.

Next Meeting: December 9, 2009


Prepared by Rick McFerron with notes from Lynnan Mocek.