In Attendance: Asamoah, Balint, Blood, Brzycki, Chiarulli, Janosko, Kornfeld, McElroy, McFerron, O'Neil, Pagnucci,Pankaj, Reed, Sherwood, Smith, Woodland, Yuhas.

Excused: Branthoover, Donley, Giever, Onyett, Van Wieren, Yost.

Absent: Dadson, Gillham, Kemp, McCoy, McDevitt.


Approval of Minutes

May 6, 2009 Meeting

Minutes were approved as posted on the ACPAC website.

Co-chairs Report

Financial Report

The current balance in SAPis $0.00. The normal ACPAC allocation is $30,000. It is expected that this allocation, less 10% ($27,000) will be posted soon. There is an expected rollover from 08-09 of $1,846.30. Theanticipated balance is$28,804.30.


The revisions to the Constitution and By-laws were approved at the last meeting. The changes allow for an additional at-large faculty representative. Tess O Neil is the representative for the regional campuses and Holly Branthoover will continue to represent Monroeville. There is still a need forat-large faculty member. Please send to JB Smith or Rick McFerron any recommendations for a faculty member to fill this position.

There is also a vacancy for a graduate student representative. On a motion by Dawn Woodland, secondedby Tess O'Neil, Lynnan Mocek was nominated to serve as the graduate student representative. Motion passed.



Standing Reports

Report from the Emerging Technologies Subcommittee (Onyett)

No report.

Report from the Student Operations Group (Pankaj)

The upgrade to Banner 8 is scheduled for Homecoming weekend.

Report from the DE Planning and Work Group (Brzycki)

No report. Will meet 22 Sep 09.

Report from the CIO office (Balint)

  1. The number one priority for AY 09-10 is the Moodle implementation. Please work with colleagues to let them know WebCT will no longer be available after30 Jun10.
  2. LMS issues related to PASSHE--East Stroudsburg will be following IUP and adoptingMoodle. The other 12 schools are participating in RFP forthe LMS.The result of the RFP process will be alist of pre-qualified vendors. If, in the future, IUP chooses to use a commercial vendor, this list can be used.
  3. Highlights of IT Support Center activitiesduring semester start-up:
    1. Between 24 Aug 09 and 11 Sep 09,the IT Support Centerhad 5,114 contacts with students. This is an increase of over 20% from last year. Many students needed between 45 min and 75+ minutes to resolve issues.
    2. New laptop/desktop drop-off service received141 machines, in almost every case they were returned to the student within 24 hours.
    3. There has been an increase in wireless network usage by students. Students are always encouraged to use the wired network to enjoy better performance.
  4. Questions and discussion:
    1. Possible wireless connection for College Lodge request to be sent to Bill from Gian Pagnucci.
    2. What is the wireless coverage on campus?Bill Balint willsend to ACPAC members a university map indicating wireless connectivity.
    3. There will be a trial of a streaming video database called Films on Demand, Films on Humanities and Sciences by the Library. There is not expected to be a concern with network performance.

Report from Funds Review Subcommittee (McFerron)

No report.

Report from the Virtual Environments Coordinating Committee (Onyett)

No report.

Report from the Web Task Force (Pagnucci)

  1. The name has changed to the Website Advisory Board.
  2. By Friday, September 18, 2009,the migration for the web site should be completed.
  3. Web Team will beshutting down access to central server. All blue &yellow web pages should no longer be available to the public. There are still a few items, such as old catalogs, that need to be migrated from the old server.
  4. Advertising and Marketing will be a large part ofIUP web presence.A number ofprojects are planned.
  5. IUP Daily is well received. It is acknowledged that there is an interest in departmental-specific newsletters, however it is not currently being pursued due to the heavy editing required.
  6. Discussion:
    1. Addition of Death/Birth notices to IUP Daily--Gian Pagnucci to take back to Website Advisory Board.
    2. Departments are still struggling to maintain sites.

Report from Student Computing Subcommittee (McDevitt)

No report.

Report from the On-Line Learning Subcommittee (Brzycki)

  1. Moodle statusof the approximately800 faculty members, 530 had some contact with WebCT and approximately 430 were regular users. Currently,169 faculty membersareusing Moodle (39%).Introductory Moodle workshopsduringthe summer were provided to 220 people.
  2. In early November, there will be a Moodle Showcase highlighting specific faculty activities.
  3. Recommendation from OLC: The opportunity be provided to make non-instructional use of Moodle and instructional use of Moodle not be tied to a particular course. Access forexternaluser should be possible. The recommendation was approved by ACPAC.
    1. Bill Balint discussed how Moodle is tied to IUP systems, e.g. Banner.
    2. There are serious issues related to providing access to Moodle for external users. The Acceptable Use Policy does not address use of IUP systems by those not affiliated withIUP.
    3. IT Services willprovide information to ACPAC/OLCon how each these items will be addressed.

Reports from the Action Teams

PRS TeamMcFerron, Convener

The action team will be referred to as the SRS (Student Response System) team.

The rollout of IUPI-click, the support system for SRS has been announced for the fall semester. There are receivers inall multimedia classrooms. Instructors may begin usingI-click immediately. I-click workshops for faculty arebeing developed.

E-mail Client Evaluation TeamOnyett, Co-convener

No report.

Training/Professional Development TeamPagnucci, Convener

Three issues were raised:

  • Implementation of facultytoolkit
  • Advertising and Marketing of faculty training
  • Faculty liaison connected to training

Digital Repository TeamSherwood, Convener

A recommendationregarding D-space vs. Fedora Commons is anticipated for thenext meeting.

New Business

Campus License for Music Download Service

Rick willpursue additional information and bring back to ACPAC.

Student Portal

Discussion deferred until next meeting.

Technology Guide for Faculty

IT Services needs feedback from faculty regarding the usefulness of the Technology Guide for Faculty. Gian Pagnucci and Ken Sherwood agreed to take on this task andwill coordinate with the college technology committees to facilitate this review.

AOG Recommendation: Windows 7

AOG recommends moving to MS Window 7 by the Fall 2010 semester. The Library requested a delay on acting upon the recommendation until it can be determinedthat there are no specific issues related to library systems.It wasrequested that the minimum hardware requirements for Windows 7 be announced. There was a question about whentext books will be available that referenceWindows 7 rather than otheroperating systems. This recommendation will be discussed at the next meeting.

Old Business

Web-Based Faculty Employment Application

Deferred until next meeting.

Web-Based Faculty Advising of Students

Deferred until next meeting.

Student Pictures

The president has supported the ACPAC recommendation to provide student pictures for instructional purposes. However, he would like to assure that the student leadership is aware of this decision. Patrick McDevitt has been asked to work with theStudent Computing Subcommittee to obtain student feedback that can be communicated to the president. An action team was created to address issues related to the implementation of a system to facilitate the use of student pictures. Mark Staszkiewicz will be invited to join this team. JB Smith with convene the team and other members areYaw Asamoahand Dawn Woodland.

Optical Test Scoring

The current optical scanning equipmentis at end of life. There is a need to create an action team to determine a replacement system. Nathan McElroy agreed to convene this action team in November. Meanwhile, Amanda Marshall of the IT Support Center will begin collecting information to assist in this investigation. A representative from APSCUF will be asked to join the action team. Other ACPAC faculty members are encouraged to join this team.

E-mail quotas

The project to upgrade employee e-mail quotas will begin in October. It shouldtake 6-12 weeks to complete and will be in place for Spring 2010. The e-mail quota willincrease to 2 GB.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:59 PM.

Next Meeting:October 14,2009

Prepared by Rick McFerron with notes from Lynnan Mocek.