Student Groups

These are student groups involved with diversity, equity, and inclusion issues at IUP. All IUP student groups are open to all students.

Governance Organizations

Student Government Association

The Student Government Association serves to provide students and organizations of IUP with a representative voice that promotes and enriches the welfare of the students. SGA is the exclusive and official student voice on or off campus.

Graduate Student Assembly

The Graduate Student Assembly represents the graduate student body's interests at IUP and within the Indiana community.

Additional Groups

Black Student League

The Black Student Leagueis an on-campus organization that aims to bring together Black and Brown IUP students to meet and network and create community. They strive to promote diversity and inclusion at IUP.

Chinese Language and Cultural Club

The Chinese Language and Culture Club is an organization dedicated to the promotion of Chinese language and cultural enrichment. It provides biweekly meetings on topics pertinent to Chinese language, history, modern society, traditional games and more.

Diversity Peer Educators

Diversity Peer Educators are students passionate about diversity and multiculturalism. They facilitate a variety of activities for groups on campus regarding social justice topics including race, class, gender, sexuality, and more.

Latino Student Organization

The Latino Student Organization encourages increased awareness and appreciation of Latino culture on the IUP campus and in the community at large through academic, cultural, and social activities and programming.

Muslim Students Association

The Muslim Students Association is a social-religious organization at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. It aims to build a bridge between the Muslim students and the rest of IUP community.


NAACP IUP Chapter is a university-recognized group and national organization that fights for the well being of all marginalized groups. It works towards equality for people of color, women, LGBTQ+, Muslims, and much more.

Pride Alliance

Fosters a safe and supportive academic and social environment regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression.

Queer Colors

Seeks to create an inclusive, confidential, safe space for queer people of color to learn, be inspired, become empowered, and connect with each othercombined with a component of intersectional analysis of identity and oppression topics.

Sign Language Club

The Sign Language Club promotes the use of sign language, the awareness of deafness, and the Deaf Community/Deaf Culture.


UBORA Men of IUP affirms, challenges, and support Black and Brown male students to seek excellence in every aspect of their lives.

United Against Islamophobia

United Against Islamophobia seeks to prevent anti-Muslim rhetoric and attacks via outreach, education, and community building in order to foster a safe and supportive environment for all people, regardless of faith.