Workshop Videos

Some of our writing workshops are available as short videos created by tutors.

Graduate Student Writers

Tutorial information and writing help specific to the needs of graduate students.

Revising and Proofreading

Learn how to revise or proofread a paper and the difference between the two.

Before You Write

Before you write a paper, you need to select a topic and focus your paper with a strong thesis statement. This information will help you with the prewriting process.

Multilingual Writers

This information is specific to the writing needs of multilingual students.

Research and Documentation

Information to help you get started reading, choosing a topic, writing, and rewriting papers. Here are some example papers and links for MLA and APA style of citations.

Staff Picks

Outstanding essays, writing tips from the tutors and more.

Business Writing

Information for students writing cover letters, personal statements, resumes, memos and more.


Using “I” and “You,” using non-sexist language, and whether you should write the way you speak


Helpful information on punctuation, proofreading, commas, semicolons, and more


Confusable words, parallel structure, subject-verb agreement, tense shifting, and other tips for good grammar

Organization and Structure

Important insights and information about assembling your paper