More Information on Prewriting

To learn more about prewriting, check out some of these helpful websites.

  • The Importance of Good Prewriting explains how the prewriting process can help you writer a cohesive, well-organized paper.
  • Introduction to Prewriting provides a few key questions to ask yourself while you're brainstorming and prewriting.
  • Prewriting Strategies summarizes common brainstorming and prewriting techniques. You can download this page as a PDF and use it as a worksheet.
  • The Thesis Statement Creator explains the elements of a thesis statement and helps you build your own step-by-step with helpful examples.
  • Tips and Examples for Writing Thesis Statements provides suggestions for writing a strong thesis statement and helpful examples.

Remember, you can bring your assignment and your prewriting notes to the Writing Center. A peer tutor can help you brainstorm, select a subject, determine your thesis statement, or draft an outline for your paper. Here's what you can expect from a tutorial session if you need help with prewriting.

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