Selecting a subject for your writing assignment is not always an easy task. Often, writers know what they want to write about, but they have difficulty narrowing the topic down.

If you are having problems selecting your subject, use the questions here as a guideline.

What do you know about your subject?

Consider these questions when you think about what you know about your subject:

  • How much do you know about the subject?
  • Do you need to learn more about it?
  • What are the sources of your knowledge?
  • Is it from direct experience, observation, or reading?
  • How does your knowledge give you a special or unusual perspective on your subject?

Idea WebWhat is interesting and significant about your subject?

Think about three things when considering this question:

  • Why is this subject interesting to you? It is important to choose a subject that you are interested in
  • How can you interest your readers in this subject?
  • What fresh insight can you contribute to your readers' thinking on this issue?

What is the focus of your subject? Is it manageable?

  • Research your subject to see if there is enough information out there to go off of.
  • If the subject is too broad, restrict it to a more specific subject by using a web.
  • Make sure you feel in control of the subject you have chosen.