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Curriculum Vita

A Curriculum Vita is a type of résumé that is frequently used in academic job positions.

Cover Letters

The cover letter is your chance to sell your résumé to the employer. It is important to include a cover letter with every résumé you submit.

How to Use the Résumé Template in MS Word

Easy-to-follow instructions

Résumé Styles

Choose the format according to how you want to present the information.

Sections of the Résumé

Here are the major sections of a résumé. You can use any of these headings or make up new sections more appropriate for your special abilities.

Résumé Tips

Formatting, organization, and the “don’ts” 

Curriculum Vita example 2

Sample Curriculum Vita (PDF)

Curriculum Vita example 1

Sample Curriculum Vita (PDF)

Skills Resume Example

Example of a skills résumé (PDF)

Functional Resume Example

Example of a functional résumé (PDF)

Chronological Resume Example

Example of a chronological résumé (PDF)

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