A Curriculum Vita is a type of résumé that is frequently used in academic job positions. Just like a résumé, a vita contains contacts and your previous work experience. However, a vita tends to be more detailed than a résumé. Here are some areas included in a vita:

  • Name, address, phone number, e-mail address, and Web page URL
  • Education
    • Your education background should be detailed. In reverse chronological order, include all the degrees you have obtained, the dates they were conferred, and the name and location of the institutions. If you hold a doctoral degree, list the title of your dissertation and the chairperson. If you hold a master's degree, you may provide the title of your master's thesis.
  • Professional Employment
    • In reverse chronological order, list full- or part-time related experience. Include the job title, place and date of employment, and a description of what you did. If you had any teaching or graduate assistantships, internships, practicums, or fields experience, you can include them in this section. If relevant, divide your work experience into subheadings such as Teaching, Research, and Administration.
  • Publications
    • List any publications using a standard style like MLA or APA.
  • Presentations
    • List any publications using a standard style like MLA or APA.
  • Professional Activities
    • Include any activities relevant for your field, such as membership in professional organizations, committee memberships, and community service.
  • Honors/Awards
    • Include any academic or professional awards. You can also include grants in this section or devote a separate section grants (specify dollar amount).
  • Languages
    • If it is relevant for the position, list languages you are fluent in.
  • References
    • Either choose to use “Available upon request” or list the names of your recommenders along with their addresses and phone numbers.

Vita Tips

  • Do not include your age, height, weight, religion, marital status, social security number, or any other information which is not relevant for the job.
  • Vitas allow you to go beyond one page.
  • Use standard fonts and font sizes (Times New Roman, 10pt).
  • Use white or a light-colored paper and a laser printer.

Vita Examples

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