Gifts of all sizes are needed to meet the variety of needs in the College of Health and Human Services. Below is a detailed list, by discipline, of how your gift of a specific amount could be used by the dean.

Hospitality Management

  • $50: Computer software, dining room tableware, glassware, and small kitchen equipment for the Allenwood Restaurant
  • $250: New furnishings and equipment for the Allenwood Restaurant

Nursing and Allied Health

  • $25: Scholarship to support one undergraduate (lab fee) for one semester for the

Nursing Simulation Lab

  • $35: One jar each of simulated blood and lubricant, stipends to help students purchase uniforms and optional text books, general medical supplies for the simulation lab
  • $50: Medical supplies used in the Nursing Simulation Lab (bandages, gauze, saline solution, pretend pills and meds), stethoscope, baby blankets, bath blankets and linens, teaching stethoscopes for nursing
  • $75: Catheter kit, face shields or CPR barriers for performing CPR safely
  • $100: Consumables for simulation lab baby (i.e. replacement sleeve and vein for IV); stipends to help students to purchase uniforms and optional text books; student service activities, such as the annual health fair
  • $250: Injection pads, replacement skin and veins, simulated blood, lubricant, dentures, mouthpieces, valve clamps and disposable airways for Nursing Simulation Lab
  • $500: Mastectomy Module for Nursing Simulation Lab, research stipends for undergraduate or graduate student, sponsorship of guest speaker for a student event
  • $1,000: Pediatric Trauma Module (broken legs, arms and thoracic blunt force trauma simulated items for kid mannequin or suction unit) for Nursing Simulation Lab, sponsorship of an NCLEX preparation or other workshop on campus for NAHP students
  • $1,500: Wound Care and Assessment Set for Nursing Simulation Lab
  • $2,500: One Vital Simulation Unit to operate up to five mannequins simultaneously for Nursing Simulation Lab; large learning lab supplies, such as medium- or high-fidelity mannequins, adjunct pieces or programs for mannequins, hospital bed and hospital simulation equipment

Human Development and Environmental Studies

  • $35: Student membership in the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences
  • $250: Realistic fashion display mannequins for the Fashion Merchandising program, textile testing equipment (Fashion Merchandising)
  • $500: Acid-free tissue paper to store and protect historic garments in acid-free boxes (Fashion Merchandising)
  • $1,000: Textile testing equipment (Fashion Merchandising)
  • $2,500: Textile testing equipment (Fashion Merchandising), enovation of the Fashion Merchandising display case (used by majors to hone display skills)

Academy of Culinary Arts

  • $35: Cooking utensils and small wares for the culinary academy (spoons, spatulas, sauté pans, etc.)
  • $50: Pots, pans, and reference books
  • $250: Small mixers, immersion blenders, commercial can openers, toasters, induction cook tops and workbenches
  • $1,000 and up: Refrigerator, mixers, ice machines, ice cream machines, grinders, ovens and other large equipment

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