people walking in a subway in a foreign country

IUP sends between 225 and 250 students abroad to study at various points around the world.

Communications technology makes the world a smaller place, and today's workplace more frequently demands that U.S. workers understand other cultures as they interact with professionals in other countries.

To meet our changing society, IUP's Office of International Education is working to attract more interest in study-abroad options, but the office's staff recognizes that it takes extra money—travel and living expenses and passport and visa costs—out of students' pockets. In response, the office has established a fund for study-abroad scholarships.

"Even if our students choose to stay in western Pennsylvania after graduation, the chances are great that they will need to understand how to interact with people of other cultures," said Michele Petrucci, association vice president of international education and global engagement. "We want to be sure our students are ready for that. When we send them overseas for personal or academic enrichment, the better we prepare them and the more valuable they will be in the workplace.

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