Dixon University Center

Students enrolled in the PhD program in Administration, Curriculum and Instruction, and Nursing at the Dixon University Center will have the following tuition and mandatory fees:

Rates listed are for the 2019-20 school year.

  • Resident Tuition: $568.00 per credit
  • Non-Resident Tuition: $851.00 per credit
  • Resident Technology Tuition Fee: $28.00 per credit
  • Non-Resident Technology Tuition Fee: $40.00 per credit
  • Off-Campus Instructional Fee: $34.20 per credit
  • Registration Fee: $32.00 (flat fee)
  • Student Services Fee: $14.00 per credit

Explanation of Fees

Off-Campus Instructional Fee

TheOff-Campus instructional fee is assessed each semester based on a per-credit rate based on Pennsylvania Board of Governors (BOG) policy 1989-05-A. The revenue is usedfor instructional services, materials, and equipment, as well as maintenance of buildings and grounds.

Registration Fee

The Registration Fee is assessed each semester and is mandatory for all students.

Technology TuitionFee

TheTechnology Fee is a mandatory fee assessed each semester on a per credit basis. The fee rate is set by the BOG. Only exemptions approved by the BOG and/or negotiated by the employee bargaining units will apply. The Technology Fee revenue is used for academic or instructional technology as a direct benefit for students to help them to achieve the learning objectives of their academic programs. This fee covers items such as student computer laboratories, specialized software, hardware, databases, and licensing fees.

Student Services Fee

Student Service Fee is used to support programming and servicessupporting theout-of-classroom experience for both undergraduate and graduate student.