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Uhler 222



How I became Interested in Psychology

The opportunity to apply scientific methods to the study of behavior and the brain

Areas of Interest

Psychopharmacology, neuroscience, substance abuse, neuropsychology

Current Research and Professional Projects

Changes in frontal lobe function during recovery from drug addiction, neural basis of drug abuse and addiction, substance abuse and treatment in rural areas, influences on peoples'attributions regarding the causes of addictive behavior and disease


BA, 1989,University of Pittsburgh: Psychology (minor in Political Science)

MA, 1992,University of Hartford: Experimental Psychology (Biopsychology Concentration)

PhD, 1996,Washington State University: Experimental Psychology (Biopsychology Concentration)

Courses Taught


Physiological Psychology, Drugs and Behavior, Biopsychology, Research Design and Analysis, General Psychology


Drugs and Behavior