John A. MillsOffice

Uhler Hall, Room 221


Office Zoom ID

372 814 7549

The best way to reach Professor Mills is through email. He will respond within a business day to an email. Suitable follow-up will be arranged from there (email or Zoom).

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How I Became Interested in Psychology

I think I was already trying to be a psychologist and musician by the time I was three years old. I don't know how much "deciding" there really was.

Areas of Interest

Dynamic psychotherapy, clinical supervision, and professional issues, shame and human attachment patterns, and executive function and habits, mindfulness, and attention in music.

Current Research and Professional Projects

I am always working on a clinical paper. These are areas in which undergraduate students are not prepared to contribute and graduate students must have special interest. For the fall of 2020, my working drafts are related to termination of supervision, supervision of substance abuse therapeutics, and dynamics of studio music instruction.

I will be collecting data in the fall of 2020 pertaining to the interpersonal dimensions of self-conscious emotions.

My other projects are largely associated with the areas of interest noted above. Undergraduate students interested in working with me must either 1) identify a project of mine in which they have interest and is at a suitable stage of development and contact me about working on the project, or 2) have a project concept that is closely linked to an ongoing project.

I serve in a number of service roles. In addition to service to my department, I am a site visitor for the Commission on Accreditation of the American Psychological Association, a work sample reviewer and examiner for the American Board of Professional Psychology, Secretary of the American Board of Counseling Psychology, a member of the Ethics Committee of the Pennsylvania Psychological Association, a member of PASSHE's Academic Program Review Committee, and a consultant to Indiana County Children and Youth Services.


  • PhD, 1987, State University of New York at Buffalo: Counseling Psychology
  • Doctoral study, 1983-84 Purdue University
  • BA, 2020, Indiana University of Pennsylvania: Music (Euphonium)
  • MS, 2003, Indiana University of Pennsylvania: Sport Science
  • MEd, 1980, University of Delaware: Counseling/Student Personnel Administration
  • BA, 1978, University of Delaware: Psychology (with distinction)
  • Training Certificate, 1994, Pittsburgh Psychoanalytic Institute

License and Other Credentials

  • Licensed in Pennsylvania and New York (formerly in Delaware) for the Independent Practice of Psychology
  • Board Certified in Counseling Psychology, American Board of Professional Psychology (1994)
  • Registrant, National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology (1997)

Courses Taught


  • General Psychology (PSYC101)
  • Psychological Inquiry (PSYC280)
  • Research Design and Analysis I (PSYC290)
  • Personality (PSYC320)
  • Abnormal Psychology (PSYC321/225)
  • Psychology of Music (PSYC389)
  • Historical Trends in Psychology (PSYC410)
  • Introduction to Clinical Psychology (PSYC450)
  • Honors Seminar (PSYC480)


  • Historical Trends in Psychology (PSYC810)
  • Methods of Intervention I (PSYC830)
  • Clinical Group Technique (PSYC833)
  • Advanced Psychopathology (PSYC835)
  • Professional Issues (PSYC920)
  • Family Clinic (PSYC971)
  • Supervision and Consultation (PSYC976)
  • Projective Assessment (PSYC981)
  • Psychodynamic Theory and Therapy (PSYC981)