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218 Uhler
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Spring 2024 Office Hours

  • Monday 1:00–2:00
  • Wednesday 2:30–4:30
  • Thursday 1:30–3:30

How I Became Interested in Psychology

I started out as a theater major, and I minored in psychology to learn more about what makes people do what they do. Through my first psychology classes, I developed an interest in therapeutic interventions, particularly for children, in order to help people as early as possible.

Areas of Interest

My clinical and research interests include the assessment and diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). I am also interested in parenting, including how parents think about their children's behavior and factors that impact parental decision making, as well as the long-term impact of parenting strategies on college students.

Current Research and Professional Projects

Currently, my research includes projects examining the social and emotional functioning of college students with ADHD, parents' knowledge and understanding of autism spectrum disorders, and factors that influence early identification and diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders. With my colleague, Lisa Newell, I received a Faculty Professional Development Council Grant to establish a diagnostic clinic in the Center for Applied Psychology for children suspected of having autism spectrum disorders. I am the clinical supervisor for the IUP Autism Clinic, which provides comprehensive evaluations of children's social, intellectual, adaptive, and speech-language functioning.


PhD, Oklahoma State University: Clinical Psychology

Licensure information

Licensed in Pennsylvania for the Independent Practice of Psychology

Courses Taught


General Psychology, Abnormal Psychology


Psychological Assessment I