It's About Our Future

Presidential reports, traditionally, are filled with statistics and charts to show progress from one year to the next. You’ll find some of that inside, but the best way to talk about 2022 is to talk about the horizon ahead of us.

Everything we did in 2022 was to ensure that our future is a place where IUP thrives. It starts with our students, and always will, but it also extends to our expert faculty members, our skilled staff members, our proud alumni, our active community, and anyone who has set foot in the Oak Grove and thought, This is the place.

While nostalgia is a great tool for promoting the past, we want to use the traditions and history we have accumulated for almost 150 years as fuel that will confidently launch us into our future. IUP has always been a great place that offers an affordable and quality education, but we are working to make what’s great at IUP even better.

IUP, like most universities across the country, is facing some difficult challenges right now. But we know that we are on the right path, one that will take us to a future we all can take pride in.

In 2022, we celebrated a lot of successes, as we do every year. But the biggest success of all was how we worked together, eyes on the horizon, and looked ahead to a prosperous future for the university and the IUP family.

In this report, you’ll see what IUP is about. It’s about discovery, equality, flexibility, and success. Simply put, it’s about our future.

Michael Driscoll