5.1 All requests for review of a parking ticket must be made online at the University Parking/Visitor Center (using a link to the Application for Review of a University Parking Ticket) within five days of receiving the parking ticket. When a parking ticket is appealed, payment must be made at the time of the appeal.

5.2 The University Parking Services office shall provide the person with the date and time that the review shall be heard by the Parking Authority Review Board.

5.3 The Parking Authority Review Board will review the ticket and pass a decision by a majority vote.

5.4 If a ticket is dismissed, a refund payment will be made through the Student Billing Office to the person making the appeal.

5.5 Tickets can be appealed a second time. The person appealing the ticket must attend the Parking Review Board Meeting. If the ticket is appealed for a third time, it must be reviewed by the Assistant Vice President for Administration.