9.1 Regulation—Motorcycles

Motorcycles and mopeds will be issued a permit. This will be in addition to the allotted one parking permit. The permit issued will be a clearly visible sticker that must be placed on the vehicle's rear fender or front forks. Motorcycles must park in designated motorcycle spaces or pay to park at the pay-by-space machines. Owners of motorcycles can only have one vehicle on campus at a time. Motorcycles are not permitted to park overnight in parking lots that are designated "NO PARKING 2am-6am".

9.1.2 Penalty—Motorcycles

Motorcycles not parked in their designated areas or not paid to park at a pay-by-space machine will result in a $15 fine and booting or towing at owner's expense.

9.2 Regulation—Bicycles and Pedal-Cycle

Bicycles and pedal-cycles will be permitted to park and be chained only in designated bike racks located on campus. Bicycles and pedal-cycles shall not be chained to any posts, trees, stairs, or handrails. Pedal-cycles may not be operated by motor power on IUP sidewalks.

9.2.1 Penalty

Bikes and pedal-cycles will be confiscated and the owner fined as stipulated in Paragraph 3.5.1.

9.3 Regulation

If a bicycle is to be used during the evening, it is required by the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Code to be equipped with a headlight and rear reflectors. Two riders are not permitted on a one-passenger bicycle. All bicycles must travel with the flow of traffic. Bicyclists are reminded that they must proceed with caution when traveling on campus sidewalks, because pedestrians have the right of way.

9.3.1 Penalty

This regulation is not enforced under IUP regulations. This regulation may be enforced pursuant to the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Code.