Resident Students, Section 10.0

10.1 Resident permits may be requested for academic and medical reasons. Permits will be issued by semester. The requestor must come into the University Parking Services Department and request a form for academic reasons. Students must show that they are driving off campus a minimum of three days per week to be eligible for a resident permit for academic reasons. The faculty advisor must approve the form. A schedule must be submitted by the advisor showing what days the student will be leaving campus and the destination the student will be driving to.

To obtain a permit for medical reasons, the requestor must submit a written statement signed by the doctor explaining why the medical condition requires a resident parking permit.

10.1.1 Penalty

See paragraph 3.5.1

10.1.2 Resident students not qualifying for a resident permit under section 10.1 will be issued a long-term Robertshaw permit for a fee (See appendix I), which will allow long-term parking at the Robertshaw West Parking Lot.

10.1.3 Students who live inside the boundary lines set in section 3.3.A during Summer Sessions may purchase a resident Robertshaw parking permit for a fee (See appendix I) during summer classes only.

10.1.4 Penalty

See paragraph 3.5.1