4.1 Towing

When towing under Section 3.0, the following provisions must be met:

  1. The towing service must be licensed and bonded.
  2. The storage impound must be bonded and insured.
  3. The owner or custodian of the vehicle shall be charged the prevailing rates for towing and storage of the vehicle.
  4. For towing service information, see Appendix II.
  5. The costs for towing shall be absorbed by the university should the Parking Authority Review Board find that no violation has occurred or the vehicle was towed unjustly.
  6. A contract shall be drawn up between IUP and the towing vendors outlining charges for towing, labor, and storage. Also, a service will be made in the event the towing is not completed.

4.2 Booting

When booting vehicles of unpaid tickets or multiple infractions under Section 3, the following provisions must be made:


Vehicles may be booted or towed for the first violation if the vehicle is:

  1. Parked at a fire hydrant or fire lane
  2. Parked in restricted area
  3. Parked in a reserved space
  4. Parked in a handicapped space
  5. Located on campus displaying a Parking permit that was reported lost or stolen, altered in any way or duplicated in any way.


The vehicle must have a minimum of three unpaid parking violations, with a minimum of $60.00 of unpaid fines. The Vehicle will be booted when the next citation with a fine is issued to the vehicle.


If a vehicle has ten or more violations for no permit in a permit year


Any vehicle meeting the above specifications will be booted by the University Parking Services and will not be released until all violations are paid and a fee of $30 is paid for the service of a boot.


A notice of the boot being locked on the vehicle will be placed on the front driver-side door window or on the windshield of the car, warning the operator not to move the car or tamper with the boot and how to proceed on having the boot removed. The vehicle may be towed if it is not removed within twelve hours after the booting.


If a vehicle meeting the above specifications cannot be booted because of possible damage to the vehicle, or if the wheels are protected in a manner in which the boot cannot be applied, the vehicle may be towed at the owner's expense.