1.1 Overview

The Indiana University of Pennsylvania Parking Regulations have been created to provide for the enforcement of an orderly parking system for the university community. These regulations are set forth to define the users who qualify to use the university parking facilities and the terms and conditions by which parking is made available and controlled within the jurisdiction of the university. These regulations are consistent with Chapter 157 (Finance and Administration), Pennsylvania Code, Volume 22, Part X-Operation and Motor Vehicle on University Campuses adopted by the State System of Higher Education board of Governors on March 19, 1985. The University Parking Regulations were passed by the Council of Trustees on May 10, 1985, and revisions were approved on September 26, 1986. These regulations have been reviewed, and some changes were required to more clearly define the intent. The Council of Trustees authorizes the president to review the parking regulations and make changes necessary for clarification of such regulations as deemed appropriate without trustee approval. This will permit modification in a more timely and effective manner. The Administrative Committee of the Council of Trustees shall review the regulations annually and recommend any substantive changes to the council for action.

1.2 Parking Fee

The university will have the right to charge a fee for parking in newly constructed parking lots after September 30, 1984, and in existing lots, providing the total available free parking spaces are fewer than 1,466 spaces and are never greater than 1,515. The fee will be on a paid basis by the user through the installation of pay-by-space machines or some form of semester/annual rental.

1.3 Tickets

All university parking tickets issued by the University Parking Services shall be paid at the Parking and Transportation Center located in Clark Hall or online on the University Parking website within five days. The five days will be counted on a Monday through Friday basis.  The hours of the University Parking Office are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Fines for tickets will be indicated on the ticket. Tickets paid within five days are face value. After five days, the fine will increase by $5. Tickets not paid within 60 days will be forwarded to a collection agency for collection.


University Parking Regulations will be strictly enforced 24 hours daily. Parking permits and pay-by-space machines in IUP lots will be strictly enforced from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, unless an area is posted by signs designating specific times for different permits.

1.5 Responsibility of the University

The university assumes no responsibility, nor is it liable, for any damages to vehicles when parked on the university property.