Parking Regulations

  • The regulations in this section are broken down according to category. Questions about the regulations contained herein should be directed to the Assistant Vice President for Administration.

  • Appendix I: Fees
    Parking/Service Fee Annual Reserved Parking $424 per year (August–August) Robertshaw Long Term $200 for Fall and Spring semesters Summer Long Term $40 per session (Garage) Termporary Resident $10 per week Parking Garage $424 per year
    Reserved Spaces
    Some spaces are reserved for university vehicles and designated university employees.
    Resident Students
    Resident permits may be requested for academic and medical reasons.
    Motorcycle, Moped, Bicycle Regulations
    Motorcycles and mopeds will be issued a permit; bicycles and mopeds will be permitted to park and be chained only in designated bike racks.
    Exceptions to Regulations
    Sometimes spaces will be needed for other purposes, and parking will not be available.
    Traffic Signs
    Signs will be posted at the entrance of each lot.
    Parking Authority Review Board
    Consists of one representative each from the faculty, management, noninstructional staff, undergraduate student body, and graduate student body
    Parking Ticket Appeal Process
    The Parking Authority Review Board reviews appealed tickets and passes a decision on a majority vote.
    Towing and Booting
    Explanations of when vehicles may be towed or booted
    Regulations and Penalties
    All persons desiring to park a vehicle on the IUP campus must register for a parking permit, except for vehicles bearing a disabled plate, DV plate, or a disabled placard.